China's OLED industry seeks innovation and reform

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With the rapid development of scientific and technological equipment such as smart, smart TV and tablet computer, the electronic display technology is also constantly updated. From the generation of cathode ray tube (CRT) in 1897 to the generation of liquid crystal display (LCD) after 2002, and then to the third generation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) display technology in transition. In the first two reforms, China did not enter in time, resulting in the lack of core technology and competitiveness, so it has become a foreign agent factory relying on low-cost labor. However, with the maturity of PCB copying technology, the emergence of OLED will provide a rare development opportunity for China's display industry

current situation of OLED technology in China and PCB copy function

it is understood that OLED technology originated in Europe and the United States, but at present OLED circuit board manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China, while most of the key equipment and systematic technology of the whole set of equipment in mainland China are in the hands of Japanese, South Korean and European enterprises, so the competitiveness of upstream products is not strong. To change this situation, China must first master the localization of OLED key equipment and the whole set of equipment, which must rely on the digestion and absorption function of PCB copy technology. Through PCB reading, you can quickly master the PCB documents, BOM list, sch schematic diagram and other technical production documents of a foreign equipment, so that the enterprise has the ability of independent production and secondary development

PCB copying is a magic weapon to solve the weakness of domestic OLEDs

as the world's largest OLED application market, more than 45% of IT products are related to display devices. Independent research and development alone can not meet the needs of ordinary consumer groups. Moreover, in order to make Chinese OLED products universal as soon as possible, we must further reduce product R & D costs and improve OLED panel production capacity. PCB copy is a magic weapon to solve these problems. Compared with PCB design, everything depends on self exploration and start from scratch; PCB copying is a reverse research on existing electronic products and OLED circuit boards. It can quickly master the most advanced technologies at home and abroad, and can also carry out integrated innovation on these technologies, so as to develop better OLED products in software and hardware

Godson century combines positive and negative to explore OLED innovation and reform

at present, University centered OLED research institutions have been formed in China, and some enterprises have invested or are about to invest in OLED technology. Shenzhen Longxin Century Technology Co., Ltd. () as a well-known PCB board copying enterprise in China, has long recognized the importance of board copying technology to the development of China's OLED industry. Facing the OLED technology that has lagged behind the international advanced level for years, it is not difficult for Godson to see the quality gap. In the 21st century, we try our best to make up the technical gap through PCB copying, and rely on the combination of reverse research and independent research and development to explore the secondary innovation and transformation of OLED! At present, Godson century has formed a one-stop EMS enterprise providing services such as chip decryption, wafer OEM, PCB copy, PCBA cloning, PCB design, SMT processing, material purchasing, OEM/ODM OEM, prototype production and so on

the biggest disadvantage of China's OLED industry is the imperfect industrial chain, and Godson century's one-stop solution just solves this problem. Godson century not only has strong reverse R & D strength in the field of display that will have very serious consequences such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, but also has great development potential in the PCB copy innovation of downstream, MP3/MP4, high-end TV and other products, and can realize the excellent performance of bright, light, thin, fast, low power consumption and so on. It is believed that in the in-depth research and development and improvement of PCB copying, China's OLED industry will accelerate the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, modern ocean and new energy vehicles


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