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The 50 square meter room is still an old house, which has turned into a two bedroom and two hall with excellent functionality under the clever transformation of the designer. Is this possible? Next, the 50 square meter two bedroom two hall Mediterranean decoration case of poly Lafite that Xiaobian wants to recommend for you is the most powerful proof. The most important thing is the renovation of old houses

community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration effect pictures) house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration method: half package contract amount: 80000 decoration company: puqiang decoration

Design Description: Although this is an old house, because its own house type is quite good, it doesn't feel so laborious in the structure and pattern design of the house. But the use of space is also a problem. For a house of about 50 square meters, I hope to have two rooms. I also have a piano. I want to make room for a piano. And I still have many clothes. I like the walk-in cloakroom. The final effect is that although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs

Pauly Lafite two hall two room living room decoration effect drawing (Figure)

panoramic view of the living room, pull the sliding door, this is a small bedroom, but it can't be soundproof, so it can only block the line of sight. Because of the columns and folding doors, the felt and mat sold back need to be cut again, but such a small space is actually worth it

poly Raffi two hall two room living room decoration effect picture (picture)

after entering the door, the gorgeous background wall came from the owner's father, who is a sculptor. This picture of double deer habitat is an absolute three-dimensional effect, not simply carved out of plaster, but directly molded on the wall with glass fiber. The workload and work are very difficult, and it took a full month to complete

poly Raffi two hall two room living room decoration effect drawing (Figure)

in the front of the living room, the TV cabinet is built with cement and ceramic tiles on site, which is simple and generous. And because there is a shower room behind the TV wall, a layer of wall has been thickened to prevent electrical appliances from getting damp

decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi two hall and two room living room (Figure)

tatami room. Usually, you can watch TV and sit directly on tatami. Closing the folding door can also be used as a small bedroom. A dual-use room is very convenient

decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi's two hall and two room living room (Figure)

I originally wanted to make a piano area next to the living room, but I couldn't move it, so this area turned into a study. It's also very suitable to put a bookcase in this area. Looking at the study from the perspective of entering the door, the bookcase has been settled, and there is still a lack of desk and chair. It is perfect to put it on

poly Raffi two hall two room living room decoration effect drawing (Figure)

from the living room, you can see the kitchen, bar, and open kitchen, but you don't worry about oil smoke, because the owner usually eats more outside, and the open kitchen has a really good view

decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi two hall and two room living room (Figure)

the space in the living area between the kitchen and bathroom is well utilized, the refrigerator and washing machine are arranged in a compact manner, and the hanging cabinet is also very practical. Kitchen tiles are very good. Small tiles with light and deep make a simple geometric shape. This kind of bricks with gray scale are durable and elegant

decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi's two hall and two room living room (Figure)

brick basin cabinet, glittering and translucent green mosaic, it feels very ordinary at first sight, but the more you see it, the more you like it, the more vulgar it is, the more elegant it is. Bean green latex paint, grey green tiles, dark green wallpaper and this bright green mosaic have a beautiful effect

introduction to poly Lafite community

poly Lafite is the chief humanities and art residential area developed by Poly Real estate. China Poly Group is a large central enterprise under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission. It is a diversified enterprise group spanning trade, real estate, culture, overseas and other sectors. Poly Group owns many national treasure level art palaces, such as Beijing Poly Theater, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shenzhen Poly Culture Square, and has created Qintai theater, an art holy land. As a poly real estate subordinate to Poly Group, Poly Real estate is the most qualified real estate enterprise in China to build art real estate. In 2010, poly Raffi first created an artistic and cultural landmark, which is a masterpiece of poly after 18 years of villa building. It is the first time to introduce Italian style projects to the market, presenting classic and Modern Italian styles perfectly

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