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Why do some consumers choose environmental protection materials for decoration, and the indoor air is still polluted after decoration? There is a problem that we should reasonably choose the design scheme of decoration. Of course, the design mentioned here refers to the design of the overall structural materials and layout of the room by consumers. For example, what materials are laid on the ground, whether the wall is painted or pasted with wallpaper, the size of the furniture volume and the selection of materials, etc. Therefore, when determining the home decoration design scheme, we should pay attention to four aspects: space carrying capacity, material usage, indoor fresh air volume and reserved advance:

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1 Reasonably calculate the space bearing capacity of the house. At present, all kinds of decorative materials on the market will release some harmful gases. Even materials that meet the national limit of harmful substances for interior decoration materials will cause harmful substances in the indoor air to exceed the standard in a certain amount of indoor space

2. Use of various decorative materials. It is better not to use a single material for the ground material, because the ground material is used in a large proportion of indoor decoration materials. If a single material is selected, some harmful substances in the indoor air will exceed the standard

3. Ensure a certain amount of fresh air in the room. According to the indoor air quality standard, the indoor fresh air volume should be no less than 30 cubic meters per person per hour. For example, the ventilation of kitchens and bathrooms should not be artificially blocked. Families with conditions can install indoor fresh air fans and air conditioners with ventilation functions. Attention should be paid to some residential buildings with poor ventilation

4. Leave a good advance for the pollution of indoor furniture and other decorative supplies. Because indoor air pollution is the accumulation of various pollutants in the indoor air, if you buy furniture and other decorative supplies, these items will also release harmful gases, which will cause indoor pollutants to exceed the standard




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