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Apple noble wardrobe, facing this increasingly competitive market, has been ready to meet challenges at any time. We use high-quality products to do a good job in public praise, which is to do a good job in the publicity of our brand

interviewee: Shi Tianshun, marketing director of Apple noble wardrobe

home hotline: please briefly introduce the basic situation of your company's participation in the exhibition. I don't know what expectations and goals your company has for this exhibition

Mr. Shi: as the first building materials exhibition in Asia and the "Oscar" of the home building materials industry, we Apple noble wardrobe will not miss such a grand industry event. We dressed up and made a strong appearance at this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo. In this exhibition, our apple noble wardrobe was even more amazing, and was sought after by a large number of excellent dealers. The exhibition hall was full of people every day, and there were an endless stream of business guests who stopped to taste, consult and negotiate. We, apple noble wardrobe, hope to use this fair as an exchange and cooperation platform, make full use of our brand advantages, and with more than ten years of professional operation experience, show a powerful wardrobe enterprise to Chinese and foreign business friends. In the future, apple noble wardrobe will develop, design and produce more environmental friendly, fashionable and cost-effective customized household products to feed back to the majority of consumers, and strive to build the first brand of healthy wardrobe in China

home hotline: as the post-80s and post-90s have grown into the mainstream of the home consumption market, the new generation of emerging consumer groups have also brought a new direction for the design of customized wardrobe products, so wardrobe enterprises have developed the young wardrobe Market. What products will your company promote in this exhibition? Are new products on display

Mr. Shi: at this exhibition, our apple noble wardrobe showed you the newly developed spring impression series products. With exquisite product technology, fashionable and elegant product style, and the new design concept of personalized whole house customization, it showed the charm of customized home, and embodied the warm implication of "Apple cabinet, happy home" unique to our apple noble wardrobe. The nostalgic oak cloakroom and wine cabinet are fashionable and luxurious, highlighting the noble temperament. The TV cabinet and wine cabinet of nostalgic oak + xuanshang silver complement each other in color matching. The folding bed multifunctional wardrobe of nostalgic oak + xuanshang silver reflects the theme of personalized customization. The door wardrobe of nostalgic oak + xuanshangjin is elegant, warm, fresh and natural

home hotline: from the perspective of the wardrobe Market in the past six months, "big home" has become the future development trend of the wardrobe industry. However, many enterprises are "acclimatized" after crossing the border. What do you think of this phenomenon

president Shi: the cross-border development of enterprises has gradually formed a wave. Every industry, brand and moment are discovering and looking for their own core advantages, and then putting forward their own value propositions to seek breakthroughs and development. Only through continuous innovation, can we truly tap our core advantages and precipitate and develop, the prospect is infinite. According to the observation of several years, the cross-border fermentation of the household industry has not only good response in the market, but also disadvantages. Cross border brands have excellent resources, which can be well integrated and explore new business models. However, it is a pity that there are few successful cases among the dozens of cross-border brands entering customized home furnishings. On the one hand, it shows the survival advantages of professional brands, on the other hand, it can only be said that cross-border brands need a longer period of precipitation, find the right direction and innovate and develop

home hotline: at present, the wardrobe industry tends to be mature, and the market competition also tends to be white hot. The layout of various wardrobe brands is clear, and the products keep improving to seize the market. What do you think of this? What is your company doing in this regard

president Shi: the wardrobe industry is a sunrise industry. Now the rapid development situation of the industry is becoming more and more mature, and the market competition is also becoming white hot. The layout of various wardrobe brands is clear, and the products are improving to seize the market. This is a very normal phenomenon, which also shows that the wardrobe industry is constantly booming. There is no leader or leader in this industry, because no enterprise has a market share of more than 10%. According to the data, there are no enterprises with an annual sales volume of more than 2 billion, and none with a market share of more than 5%, so the best wardrobe enterprises now are at best doing it earlier, and the real market position has not been ranked at all. Facing this increasingly competitive market, we Apple noble wardrobe are ready to meet the challenge at any time. We use high-quality products to do a good job in public praise, which is to do a good job in the publicity of our brand





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