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In the future, pinai cabinet wants to attract investment in China in an all-round way. We hope that more dealer friends can know and understand pinai. For investment promotion, we have done a series of work, summed up the experience from the front line, so that franchisees can make more money

interview guest: lizhiqiang, marketing director of pinai cabinet

home hotline: please briefly introduce what new products your company brings to this exhibition

president Li: baking paint is our core competitiveness. For example, you can see the two sets of products behind me, one is the standard BMW baking paint, the other is the solid wood veneer baking paint. These two sets of products are not many brands that can achieve such quality, but the end consumption demand is the largest, so these two sets of products are our main products. Our standard BMW baking varnish is made by using the method of two bottoms, three sides and one gloss, plus the simple European shape, using the method of high temperature and high pressure. It is an authentic paint baking method, which is treated with imported Italian oil decorations. Our paint baking test is also conducted with dust-free equipment

home hotline: you just introduced the innovation of your company's products, so how does your company do in terms of quality

president Li: in terms of quality, we can adopt full inspection for every post. We strictly follow the BMW paint baking process, and control our process through the selection of paint. In terms of paint baking, we have several test methods. The first is the adhesion test, which adopts the hundred grid test. In terms of brightness, we can reach more than 95%, which is basically not so high for baking varnish in this industry. In terms of hardness, we can reach 2.3 H. To sum up, the quality control of our products is very rigorous and strict. In addition, we use quality inspection and full inspection in every process, which ensures that the quality of our products is absolutely OK

home hotline: now it's the middle of the year. What's your company's development plan for the second half of the year

president Li: in the future, pinai cabinet wants to fully expand investment in China. We hope that more dealer friends can know and understand pinai. For investment promotion, we have done a series of work. For example, many dealer friends say that the products are inappropriate and cannot be sold, or that the company's after-sales service is not good. In view of these, we have formulated a series of systems, summarized the experience from the front line, let franchisees know our front-line sales market, help them sell products and make more money

home hotline: what are your expectations for this exhibition

President Li: the focus of the exhibition is to allow more franchisees to participate in this platform. At present, this is the second day of the exhibition. Many dealers have joined us, and of course, many are waiting. I hope that this exhibition can let friends know pinai, and let everyone believe that pinai is not realistic at once. At present, our investment attraction effect is very good. I believe we can achieve our goal this time




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