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In March, as a pioneer in the customized home furnishing industry, Kanoya customized home, the earliest customized wardrobe brand in China, will participate in China Construction Expo (Shanghai) and the seventh China Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition/wardrobe exhibition

in the chilly season of spring, the grass grows and the warblers fly, and everything is renewed. In March, as a pioneer in the customized home furnishing industry, Kanoya customized home, the earliest customized wardrobe brand in China, will participate in the China Construction Expo (Shanghai) and the 7th China Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition/wardrobe exhibition, and will appear at the "two sessions" with the newly upgraded brand strategy, the new investment promotion policy and the most competitive product system, attracting industry attention

during the same period of the two sessions, the most authoritative and influential Guangzhou Construction Expo in China has always fully displayed the style of the leading platform. The Shanghai Construction Expo, which is rooted in the same root as Guangzhou Construction Expo and located in Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, also provides a broad exhibition platform in Shanghai, an international metropolis and a national business and trade exchange platform. Undoubtedly, it is the canoya channel that radiates East China The best choice for the north and even China

as the only professional wardrobe exhibition in China and the grand event of China's wardrobe industry, Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition has been held for six times, which has built a platform for the wardrobe industry to display boutiques, exchange and cooperation, and is also an indispensable display and exchange platform for industry brands

at the invitation of the exhibition organizing committee, canoya will land at China Construction Expo (Shanghai) from March 22 to 25; From March 30 to April 1, it participated in the 7th Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition/wardrobe exhibition to show its brand-new style to customers all over the country. Kanoya participated in the exhibition for the first time in both the north and the south, and showed Kanoya's determination and strength to lead the custom home trend to the industry and merchants across the country with larger specifications, larger handwriting and higher style. Canoya will not only bring brand-new exhibition hall design and the latest product trends to the majority of merchants, but also aim to pulse the development trend of customized home furnishing industry and lead the new trend of promoting the development of the industry

strength piloting, grand investment promotion

on March 8-9, 2017, the 2017 investment promotion summit of canoya was launched, and ended successfully with dozens of groups of intention to join, hitting a signal bomb for large-scale investment promotion, laying a solid foundation for the successful investment promotion of canoya during the "two sessions"

in March, with the help of the large platform of the two exhibitions, the National Investment Summit of "Zhaoxian Nashi" in Kanoya will also be held grandly to attract more high-quality dealers. Kanoya will not only double its expansion in the third and fourth tier county-level blank markets across the country, but also strengthen investment attraction in key cities. Various investment attraction policies are very attractive. At that time, you are welcome to visit the booth for exchange and negotiation, and discuss cooperation opportunities

be loyal to the mission and create a leading future

canoya has been focusing on customized home furnishings for 16 years, with comprehensive strength leading the industry. Canoya has always pursued the corporate mission of "providing overall home solutions and leading healthy human life through innovation". So far, canoya has covered 700 urban outlets in China, bringing high-quality healthy home products and personalized uniforms to tens of millions of families across the country

in 2016, canoya advocated "customizing home, using formaldehyde free materials" to rise to the level of brand development strategy. Prophet first took health and environmental protection as the top priority of corporate strategy, and implemented it in all links such as corporate culture, production bases, product materials, terminal stores, etc., which had a far-reaching impact on furniture consumption and industry development. It is Kanoya's persistence that all customized home furnishing brands today intentionally or unintentionally regard health as a "standard" or even a "high configuration"

2017 is not only the theme of Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition "customized financial year", but also the development financial year of Kanoya's strategic planning. Kanoya will make full efforts to usher in the rapid growth stage of brands and enterprises with new images, new forces and new ideas, win together with dealers, achieve the dream of wealth, let China's customized home furnishings go to the world and lead the global trend

elites gather and meet in the spring

in March, canoya's "two sessions" will begin. Canoya, who has gone through 16 years of extraordinary years, will make a magnificent appearance with a new look

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