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Nowadays, grey series is becoming more and more popular in modern home decoration. Adding some grey in the room greatly improves the texture of the space and looks more calm and low-key as a whole

nowadays, grey series are more and more popular in modern home decoration. Gray, between black and white. Different from black, neutral gray is softer. Compared with white, neutral gray is more casual in home decoration. Adding some gray in the room greatly improves the texture of the space and makes the whole look more calm and low-key

gentleman's grey at the door is in harmony with natural American wax wood. The large-scale use of gentleman's grey brings a fresh and comfortable smell to your face. Semi open structure, built-in folding stool, for the hall storage intimate design. The original texture and luster of gentry ten grey enhance the sense of spatial hierarchy. Once you enter the door, you will surprise the visitors ~

the collocation of gentry grey and American wax wood creates an inexplicable sense of sophistication. From the pure white and clean tea table to the simple gray sofa, the furniture with simple lines and gray complement each other, and the details all set off the owner's fashionable, elegant and gentleman home style and taste. The TV cabinet and wine cabinet are designed in an integrated way, and the corner space is cleverly used to instantly expand the living room by 10 ㎡

gentlemanly grey is elegant, with a unique cut corner shape, revealing fashionable personality charm. Semi open structure, personalized layout, orderly storage without losing fashion and beauty. The design of embedded bookshelf, wine shelf and drawer cabinet has multiple functions, which can meet the various needs of the host to store books and wine. It is also an ideal choice for the small family living room. The gray temperament of the multi-functional wine cabinet is more prominent, and the large gray panels of gentlemen are freely combined to make the gray tone vision more focused, which is conducive to the safe storage of all kinds of tableware and create a clean and refreshing restaurant atmosphere

the gentleman's grey wardrobe, with dark grey bedding, simple and warm floors, and warm round lampshades, enriches the sense of spatial hierarchy in the bedroom. The design of gentleman grey and American wax wood is staggered, with unique personality, which brings some fun and vividness to the bedroom

in the corner of the study, the irregular layout and personalized gentleman's grey bookcase collides with the fashion of white and wood color, which is unique, bringing full artistic flavor and fashion charm to the concise study

the combination of tatami and desk cabinet is the most popular design method for young people who love reading. It is not only an ideal place for office and reading, but also a Xintiandi for rest and leisure. It is practical and popular. In the light color of Nepalese teak, add the gentleman grey with moist texture, which is not painted much, but it is extremely wonderful, creating an overall elegant and pleasant home style

not only abandon the boredom of black, but also increase the gentleness of white. Gentleman grey is so provocative, don't you really love it? Canoya's products have rich designs and colors, and there is always one suitable for you in the seven spaces. Come to canoya's exclusive store and have a look~





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