On the 17th, the hottest day, the bulls were deter

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On the 17th, the bulls were determined to protect the market. Tianjiao fell repeatedly. The spot price in Asia continued to fall. The early inventory pressure may put pressure on the supply and demand of the stage. The supply of raw rubber in Thailand remained at a high level, and the price also fell sharply, from 102.42 baht the day before yesterday to 100.76 baht. Domestic spot supply, imported RSS3 decreased slightly to 332. The experimental solutions cover plastics, metals, automotive industry, building materials, textile tension: force elongation, stress-strain; Force time, elongation time, strain time products, paper and paperboard, food and packaging, composite materials, etc. 0 USD. In terms of land reclamation, 920 tons of land are listed domestically, with an average price of 27200 yuan. 120 tons are traded within a day, with an average price of 27000 yuan. In the past two days, major manufacturers with large manufacturing volume and strong motivation for transformation and upgrading have raised the price of synthetic rubber, and market tension has pushed the price up to yuan. The increase in supply may create short-term pressure and depress the price of imported materials, but the rise of crude oil also supports the upward movement of the bottom of rubber price. It is difficult to have a trend

technically, it opened slightly higher and increased its positions in a large amount within a day, but it still hasn't covered the gap of early short jump. Intraday bulls are determined to protect the market. Driven by the 809 contract in recent months, it rebounded with 811. At one time, the position increased to more than 20000 hands. Short term capital is active. On the trend, the glue price is in the downward channel. Recently, the rubber price has been sending out buying and selling signals. It is better to wait and see

in general, although the short-term and deep adjustment of crude oil may cause futures price fluctuations, the current high spot price, the expansion of futures and cash price difference, and the strong synthetic rubber price, but the EU still has very strict standards for its use range and limit, and the price difference structure between near high and far low in the month will restrict the decline

in terms of operation, short stop loss leaves the market and wait and see

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