On the 29th of the hottest day, PTA made an early

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PTA morning review on the 29th: PTA final weak market was generally short

affected by the overall short of the commodity futures market, Zhengzhou PTA futures jumped short and opened low in the morning, and the main 1009 contract closed at 8430 yuan/ton, down 0.8%. The basic situation of PTA market is acceptable, but the overall peripheral environment is unfavorable. It is difficult for PTA market to go out of the independent market in the short term

in the upstream market, as the US Federal Reserve (hereinafter referred to as the Federal Reserve) previously reiterated its commitment to maintain interest rates at ultra-low levels, NYMEX crude oil futures closed higher on the 28th, following the upward trend of the stock market. The settlement price of June light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 78 cents, or 1%, to $83.22 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ICE Futures Exchange rose 38 cents, or 0.4%, to US $86.16 a barrel

upstream, PX supply is sufficient, and the weak situation is difficult to change. In the third quarter of 2009, the domestic PX production capacity increased by 2.8 million tons, an increase rate close to 60% of the domestic production capacity in 2008. Since then, the PX production profit has decreased significantly. In January2010, a total of 1.6 million tons of new capacity of Oman aromatics and Kuwait aromatics units in the Middle East were put into operation, which further led to the continued downturn of PX prices. At present, the price difference between PX and MX in Asia is near the lowest level since the 2008 financial crisis. Since the beginning of March, the price difference between PX and MX in Asia has been hovering at a low level, which shows that its supply is abundant. Although the cost support has become stronger and the cost driven price has risen slowly, the supply pressure is large and the PX trend is difficult to get rid of the fatigue

the peak sales season has been fulfilled, so it is difficult for PTA to make great achievements. In April, the peak season of PTA downstream polyester sales came as scheduled. The operating rate of looms in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shengze and other places has returned to the peak season level, and the fabric trading volume of Keqiao Textile City has gradually warmed up. The inventory of polyester staple fiber, filament and other products decreased significantly, the inventory pressure was relieved, and the price eventually constituted the "project to improve the guarantee level of new materials". However, compared with the price increase of polyester staple fiber, filament and other fibers, the price increase of raw material PTA is not obvious. After PTA domestic spot price reached a high of about 8300 in early April, it has begun to fall. Although the downstream polyester sales are still in the peak season, PTA price weakness is revealed, and the power to continue to rise is insufficient

the spot market and the internal and external market remained deadlocked. On Tuesday, the market price of paraxylene in Asia closed down. For the first time since April 20, the following describes how to select the model of experimental machine according to specific conditions. FOB Korea fell by $7.5/t to 1046, US $047.5/t, CFR Taiwan fell by US $8. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the inevitable trend of recycled plastic granulator/T to 1064, 065.25 USD/ton. The price of raw materials has weakened. The electrolyte and separator of lithium-ion batteries in China have become more and more important to improve the performance and safety of batteries. At the same time, the oil price has continued to fall, and the cost support of PTA market has weakened. However, the demand side continued to improve, the production and sales of the downstream polyester market recovered slowly, and the manufacturer's inventory pressure was not great. Therefore, the basic situation of PTA market is acceptable, but the overall peripheral environment is unfavorable, so it is difficult for PTA market to get out of the independent market in the short term

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