On the 5th of the hottest day, the domestic steel

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On the 5th, the domestic steel price consolidation weakened, and the billet price continued to rise

spot market

according to the latest monitoring data of "my steel", on the 5th, the domestic steel spot market price consolidation weakened, the building materials market decline increased, the hot-rolled coil Market Consolidation stabilized, and the medium and heavy plate market stabilized and weakened; Today, the spot price of domestic imported ore was stable, and the iron powder and square billet markets were steadily weakening. In the afternoon, the price of Tangshan steel billet was increased by 10 yuan/ton

in terms of varieties, the decline in the domestic building materials spot market increased on the 5th. The average price of thread and wire rod in the 25 major cities monitored fell by yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and in Fuzhou fell by yuan/ton. Among them, the production capacity of Shanghai, Beijing and guanger has rapidly expanded to 582000 tons in 2014; However, the prices in Guangzhou, Tianjin and other major regions have been reduced by yuan/ton. Jinan, Shenyang and Harbin Zhongwang have launched the R & D project of 7075 aviation extruded bar; In 2015, prices in a few regions such as Hangzhou maintained stability. Some varieties in Hangzhou market rose against the trend, with an increase of 10 yuan/ton

today, the price of domestic hot-rolled coils has been consolidated and stabilized. The average price of q235b3.0mm and 4.75mm hot-rolled coils in 24 major markets monitored has increased by 2 yuan/ton and 3 yuan/ton respectively compared with the previous trading day. The quotations in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, East and South China are mainly stable. Some varieties in Changsha, Taiyuan and Xi'an have increased by yuan/ton, and a few regions such as Beijing, Kunming and Chongqing have decreased by 20 yuan/ton

5 the domestic medium and heavy plate market was stable and weakening. The average prices of 8mm, 20mm medium and heavy plate and low alloy plate in 23 major markets monitored in China fell slightly by yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. Among them, most of the markets in China, such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Guangzhou, operated smoothly. In Changsha, Chengdu and Kunming, the price fell by yuan/ton, and there was no regional price increase

today, the domestic steel price fluctuated, the decline in the building materials market increased, and the consolidation of the plate market stabilized. In the afternoon, the price of steel billet in Tangshan increased slightly. Since new year's day, it has increased by 60 yuan/ton, which has a certain support for market confidence. However, before the year, the market was short of funds, some businesses had begun to close, and the overall market activity was low. In addition, the weakness of raw materials has weakened the support for the steel market, so the domestic steel price is still in a consolidation trend today

futures market

today, the domestic bulk commodity futures market continued the trend of rising more or falling less yesterday, with gold and Zhengtang leading the way in terms of growth and continuing to weaken in the recent 11 Curve traversal: after the completion of the experiment, the rubber jumped low in the morning, rebounded after hitting a new low in the year, and closed slightly higher in the afternoon

the rise in sugar prices was mainly affected by the favorable domestic policies. On the 4th, the national development and Reform Commission emphasized the need to strictly investigate smuggling, appropriately reduce import quotas and further stabilize sugar prices. It was rumored that the purchase and storage price of white sugar might reach 6500 yuan/ton. News from Europe showed that the auction of German government bonds was better than that in November, but failed to give a sustained boost to the euro. The fall of inflation data may open the door to interest rate cuts in the euro, and commodity prices may be under pressure

raw material market

today, the domestic raw material market continued to fluctuate in a narrow range, and the spot price of imported ore continued to remain stable. Now 63.5% of Indian flour is quoted as yuan/ton, and the mysteel61.5% Australian flour index is $138/ton; In the afternoon, the price of Tangshan billet increased slightly by 10 yuan/ton, and yesterday it increased by 20 yuan/ton; The shipping market is still weak. On the 4th, the BDI index continued to fall, and the channel market fell sharply; The iron powder and square billet markets were partially down, and the transactions after the festival did not improve; Weak consolidation of scrap market and strong wait-and-see atmosphere; The pig iron market is weak, and the prices in some regions are lowered; The coking coal market has established the principle of paying for resources and paying for pollution. The price of metallurgical coke in some regions has been increased by 30 yuan/ton


US stocks fluctuated slightly yesterday, the stock markets of major European countries fell by about one point, and the prices of crude oil and gold futures rose slightly; Greek officials say they may withdraw from the euro zone

the central bank suspended the open market operation on Thursday, and the expectation of lowering the deposit reserve ratio rose; According to the media, the CBRC plans to frame four major indicators to screen domestic systemically important banks; Last December, the average price of residential buildings in 100 cities fell for the fourth consecutive month; Release of industrial solid waste utilization plan

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