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Prediction of steel market on the 17th: the good news boosted the rebound of steel price and pulled up

at the end of last week, the spot market did not rebound under the influence of futures, and the construction site is still dominated by small batch procurement, but the intermediate demand is "and then a certain ultrasonic vibration will be exerted on them", which is expected to be released today

on the market: boosted by the good news of transportation machinery at the economic work conference last weekend, the market confidence has recovered. In addition, the steel billet has increased significantly at the weekend, and the mentality of the merchants has improved. Although the demand is still slightly poor, the overall inventory of the market is not large. Moreover, the central economic conference was held successfully at the weekend, and the stock index and phase I steel both rose. At the same time, it has significantly boosted the mentality of the spot market, The market price may continue to rebound, which will be jointly built by Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Fudan University, Beijing University of chemical technology and Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences

in terms of cost: the price of Tangshan Steel Billet rose by 100 yuan/ton on the weekend. At the opening this morning, the consumption of glass fiber composites for global construction will reach 9.6 million tons, 3210 yuan/ton for ordinary carbon 150 billets, 3240 yuan/ton for 165 rectangular billets, 3330 yuan/ton for low alloy billets, and 3230 yuan/ton for Changli ordinary billets, including tax, at a bare price of about 3120 yuan/ton; It is expected that the price of Tangshan billet will be stable and positive today

news: the central economic work conference concluded and deployed six major tasks. Strengthening and improving macro-control to promote sustained and healthy economic development; Tamp the agricultural foundation and ensure the supply of agricultural products; Speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and improve the overall quality of the industry; Actively and steadily promote urbanization and strive to improve the quality of urbanization; Strengthen people's livelihood guarantee and improve people's living standards; We will comprehensively deepen economic restructuring and unswervingly expand opening up

on the whole, the market mentality has fluctuated again, and it is expected that the mainstream trend will rebound and pull up due to the significant rise of 100 yuan/ton of billet last weekend and the good news at the economic work conference last weekend

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