On the 9th, the hottest day, China Hui futures, Sh

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The pneumatic loading system of this model has greatly reduced the inertia load under high load

9 Zhonghui Futures: Shanghai and Japan rubber markets made up the market together, showing the long effect

tocom rubber closed up sharply. In June, the benchmark RSS3 contract rose 10.0 yen to close at 249.3 yen per kilogram. It once fell below the technical support level of 236.8 yen per kilogram and hit the intraday low of 235.8 yen per kilogram. Near the close of the day, the futures price suddenly jumped up, making it powerless. After the domestic Shanghai rubber band fluctuated within the range, driven by the Japanese rubber band, the tail of the market soared and closed to the trading limit. All contracts in Shanghai and Jiaotong closed on the daily limit, showing the substantial effect of long support. Today, the position of 705 contract continues to increase, which may soon become the object of multi-party focus, and its trend or use in acrylic board will have a greater impact on the whole. Today's rally is the supplement and recovery of the previous two limit falls after the holiday. In view of the current situation, the warehouse change may be completed in the next few days. 1. After the computer software is online, a prompt box appears indicating that the overload will be completed as soon as possible. Operation strategy: multi order holding. Futures market is also a passionate market, which is full of hidden rules and attracts people's attention. A straight-line rise is like a man's PDS is a colorless semi crystalline high-level member throwing a love Hydrangea to his favorite girls. It makes people excited and excited. The connection with futures is not the intersection of money gains and losses. The result is important, but we said that Cheng is a kind of wealth in life. We are happy about it and sad about it... But we are futures traders who are famous without words. Who can change this title! Analysis: after Vietnam's rubber exports to foreign countries have increased significantly, Myanmar is also expanding its rubber production capacity. According to the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar, the rubber produced in Myanmar's delindayi province is mainly exported to China and Malaysia. The total rubber planting area in delindayi province is 140000 acres, and now it is planned to expand the planting area to 200000 acres. Although the overall rubber production in Myanmar is still small, in the long run, The increase in exports of these emerging rubber producing countries will inevitably lead to the transfer of some buying from traditional rubber producing countries. However, we should once again pay attention to the situation that the price of natural rubber in China was lower than that of 1502 synthetic rubber in 2004. At present, the price of natural rubber is relatively high only because the domestic market is in the cut-off period. In the medium term, if it is delayed until March and the domestic and foreign supply increases again, the price of natural rubber may be lower than that of the relevant synthetic rubber again

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