On the 30th of the hottest day, the Shanghai glue

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On the 30th, Zhonghui Futures: Shanghai glue fell sharply, and the selling pressure in the production area affected the trend.

today, Shanghai glue continued its downward trend. On the premise of a slight decline in Tokyo glue, the main 701 contract of Shanghai glue went out of the oscillatory rise after a sharp decline in the first hour of trading, and continued the consolidation trend near the 19600 price level in the following time. At the end of the day, it closed at the price of 19560, and 247000 pieces were traded within the day. It still maintained a large volume of energy despite the reduction of positions by more than 3000 hands. Technically, today, Shanghai Jiaotong opened 1. 5% lower Just like the fixtures and accessories of the testing machine that have been worn out after a long time of use, the important medium and long-term average of 20 and 30 days has broken down in the disk, and it has returned to the lower part of the 20000 point integer level again. During the test process of the supporting steel strand testing machine, what should be done if there is a sudden power failure: there is no strong basis; In addition, the lower area of the downward trend of the futures price is a double bottom oscillation range, and the chip accumulation is relatively thick, which may slow down the decline of the rubber price to a certain extent. Therefore, it is expected that the decline of Shanghai Jiaotong in the future market will gradually slow down, and it is very likely that it will oscillate and reorganize again near the 19000 price, so as to establish a directional trend in the future market

in other respects, due to the good weather conditions in Thailand, the rubber spot production has increased, but the price has not changed much; Before the recent low-temperature experiment, whether the studio was dried and the domestic rubber farmers and reclamation areas were sold off on a large scale, and the continuous strengthening of the transformation and utilization of new technologies and processes seriously restrained the rise of the rubber price, resulting in a temporary correction of the rubber price

in terms of operation, it is suggested that investors should not be too bearish on the rubber market. The current rubber spot has not reached the peak consumption season, so the current trend can only be viewed from the perspective of oscillation. The large phased trend should still be based on the overall warming of consumption. Today, short-term investment can be short-term, while medium - and long-term investment needs to wait for the establishment of market direction

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