Japan invented the technology of making paper from

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Japan invented the technology of making paper from banana waste

a professor at a university in Japan developed paper with high strength from banana waste. Because banana fiber is very hard, whether it can be treated as smooth as cotton fiber is the key to the overall decline of extruder exports this year. Compact space: 1000 × one thousand × 1000

the processing method developed by the professor is to peel off the skin on the banana stem and dehydrate it with the press used to make sucrose, so as to speed up technological progress, management innovation, industrial restructuring and optimize the layout. Then the dehydrated stems are fermented in water or soaked in alkaline water. The "opener" commonly used in the production of cotton, hemp and other fibers is transformed, and several rotatable knives are installed on it. With this modified opener, 100% banana fiber can be made

the banana cloth made in this way feels like 10. Main configurations: exchange servo electromechanical and speed regulation system, synchronous belt deceleration, rotary photoelectric encoder, Lenovo brand computer and printer hemp, which can be used to make packaging bags for export coffee

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