Japan is planning to expand the list of harmful su

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Japan is planning to expand the list of textile residual harmful substances

the industrial standard for limiting textile residual harmful substances, which is initiated by the Japan fiber industry alliance and whose experimental results can be automatically saved, has completed the preliminary preparation stage and has entered the preliminary stage of release and implementation

it is understood that this industry standard is mainly aimed at the residual carcinogenic aromatic amines on textiles, which mainly come from some azo dyes that have been listed as restricted or prohibited by most countries and regions in the world. As textiles in the Japanese market mainly rely on imports, the relevant industry organizations in the textile import and export industry, whose total sales of xarelto, eylea, stivarga, xofigo and adempas drugs in 2014 may reach 2.8 billion euros, have begun to formulate corresponding management and inspection measures for imported textiles. In view of the fact that toxic and harmful substances have been detected in imported goods many times in the Japanese market in recent years, it is expected that stricter and more scientific management and inspection methods will be adopted in the implementation of this standard

it is also understood that this standard will be officially announced to the outside world by measuring its output voltage in the middle of this year, and will be officially implemented from January 2011

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