Japan launched 104 yuan toilet paper, claiming to

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Japan introduces 104 yuan toilet paper, which is said to be made with the cleanest water

recently, Japan Wangyue Paper Co., Ltd. launched a sky high price toilet paper, with a three roll package selling for as much as $52 (about 312 yuan for people's clamps). This sky high price toilet paper has aroused heated discussion since it came into the market. People all want to know why the price of a pack of double-layer toilet paper is so expensive

in this regard, the manufacturer said that the raw material of this product is the top-level log pulp imported from Canada, and the water used in production is the cleanest river water in Japan. Moreover, the processing of the product is very helpful for the next step of the development of the enterprise, and the advanced technology fully ensures the softness of the product. In addition, based on the reports of the developers and the initial users of the general tensile testing machine, the package of this product is also very beautiful and exquisite, and it is the first choice of toilet paper for the Japanese royal family

however, despite the manufacturer's explanation, some consumers do not buy it at all. Some people think its price is too high, and some even say with a smile that this kind of high-end goods can be bought home and displayed in the living room to help them earn face

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