Japan invents a new method of preserving fruits an

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Japan invents a new method for preserving fruits and vegetables

Professor Shiraki Shiro of Keio University in Japan and others have invented a new method for preserving fruits and vegetables by using substances extracted from bamboo

researchers extracted ethylene oxidase solution from bamboo epidermis, and used deacetylated chitosan to make chitin gel, which was coated on foaming plastic film to keep vegetables and fruits fresh. The new fresh-keeping film made by this method has been put on the market

according to the "3 guarantee" service of anchor chain mechanics tester: it is introduced that ethylene oxidase is a kind of plant substance with too many detection standards, so it has high safety. The test results so far have proved that the use of this substance can prolong the fresh-keeping period of apples to more than one month and celery to more than two weeks<18. Electromechanical power: 1.5kw, 3-phase/p>

researchers said that if the change of digital indication is greater than 1 increment, dilute the ethylene oxidase solution and apply it directly on the surface of fruits, which can also play a role in keeping fresh

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