Japan has successfully developed a new type of pla

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Due to the small risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory, Nippon research and Development Co., Ltd. successfully made a new type of plastic for food packaging

Japan Central Chemical Company recently developed a special plastic for food packaging containers - CT, which conforms to the principle of environmental protection

this kind of plastic is a new composite material made by adding about half of talc powder in polypropylene plastic for recycling, processing and sales. This material is not only resistant to high temperature, but also has one of the most prominent advantages. Its function of increasing system stiffness is similar to that of commonly known as "foamed plastic" and PSP plastic products. It is learned from the exhibition that its volume is only 1/4 of the latter. In this way, it avoids many troubles caused by its huge volume when recycling, and creates positive conditions for recycling and utilizing its waste products, and then eliminating the negative impact on the environment

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