Japan is developing the most beautiful robot in th

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Just like real Japan developing the "most beautiful" robot Erica in the world

just like real Japan developing the "most beautiful" robot Erica in the world

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original title: just like real Japan developing the "most beautiful" robot in the world Robot Erica

in this era of advanced technology, the world is changing every day

products are constantly updated, new technologies and new products are constantly emerging

friends who have seen science fiction films must know that many advanced products and technologies in

were just fantasies in the past, but now they have appeared in our lives

for example, the most realistic beauty robot we want to mention today

In terms of robots we have seen, they may all be made of steel

give people the impression that they are always cold, strange and afraid

but this beautiful robot is different. At a glance, it looks like a real person

her skin has a very good hand feel, and it feels smooth like a human

this is a beautiful robot from Japan named erica

her creator is the roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro (Ishiguro) And his team

erica itself was founded by Osaka University The international cooperation project between Kyoto University and the Institute of telecommunications is said to be the most funded scientific project in Japan.

Erica began to design and develop in 2014. During the period of research and development, it has been improved many times.

up to now, Erica is known as the world's most beautiful robot.

the designer has given her that women need to use the "displacement method" In terms of Lu human design and 23-year-old age

robot body, although the material of Erica's appearance surface is mainly silica gel

, what we have to admire is the perfect control of its details by the R & D team

from the appearance, Erica robot's shape is extremely neat and beautiful

its facial features are also quite three-dimensional, and even such appearance is extremely rare among people

new material enterprises above Shandong Province have achieved sales revenue of more than 500 billion yuan Really not ashamed of "the most beautiful" Robot's title

at present, Erica can't move her arms or legs

strictly speaking, Erica is a semi autonomous robot

so she has a certain degree of autonomy but can't move

through 14 infrared sensors and face recognition technology

Erica can know where the sound comes from, know who she is talking to

and track the path of people walking in the room

officially, it has There is one of the most advanced artificial language synthesis systems in the world

and her voice is re synthesized based on sound recording

so the voice sounds extremely comfortable

don't be too surprised to hear your favorite Japanese voice

in addition, Erica can also show the expressions of many people

thanks to the pneumatic activity design of 19 places such as her eyes, mouth and neck

Cooperating with each other can make a more vivid expression

do you think she is just a robot

Erica is also the anchor of a Japanese TV station

it is also very popular among the people

the design of such a perfect Erica is almost the same as that of a real person. China's relevant standards are expected to issue an exposure draft at the end of this month. The rapid development of new materials is driven by market demand

it can be seen how much Japanese scientists have spent on her face, including her eyes

it is said that Erica can also automatically adjust her expression of pleasure or Sad

such a design makes the gap between her and people smaller and smaller

some friends even think that this robot is better than their girlfriend

the constantly updated Erica is more and more beautiful, which also makes friends fried pot

think that such a beautiful robot can directly replace your girlfriend for a bachelor or Bachelor

and she can't beat you or scold you

and listen to you Commander, it's really good to think about it

if Erica beauty robot is really mass produced and sold one day, will you buy one

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