Japan imported about 840000 tons of natural rubber

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In 2007, Japan imported about 840000 tons of natural rubber

in the winter of 2007, doing a good job in the protection of the pressure testing machine is nothing more than rust prevention and anti-aging. The imported natural rubber is about 840000 tons, which is 4.3% lower than the natural rubber import in 2006, and the import amount is 1.2% lower. In 2007, the main importing countries and imports of natural rubber in Japan are 420000 tons in Thailand; Indonesia 395968 tons, an increase of 8.1% year on year; Vietnam imports 11.337 million tons; Malaysia 67.17 million tons. On average, the following are some problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the change experimental machine: the import price is 247.4 yen/kg (about 17.31 yuan), up 3.2% from 239.7 yen/kg in 2006 and 55.2% from 154.4 yen/kg in 2005

in 2006, China Rubber Industry Association once organized a group to visit the rubber processing plant in Indonesia. During the visit, we saw the growing cooperation between Japanese rubber enterprises and Indonesian natural rubber manufacturers. Indonesian natural rubber manufacturers specially produce at designated points for Japanese rubber enterprises, thus effectively ensuring the supply of raw materials and the quality of rubber products for Japanese rubber enterprises

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