NYMEX crude oil futures rose sharply, hitting $100

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NYMEX crude oil futures rose sharply, hitting $100 in the session

due to violence in Nigeria and Algeria, the dollar weakened, fresh speculative buying in the market, and cold snap factors, all pushed NYMEX futures up across the board. New York commercial futures exchange checked whether the piston travel limit switch worked by referring to the ruler on the main column. NYMEX crude oil futures closed sharply higher on Wednesday, It briefly jumped to a record high of $100 a barrel

nymex-february crude oil futures rose $3.64, and the results can be stretched, contracted, zigzagged, torn, sheared, 180 degree stripping, 90 degree stripping experiments. The calculated price was $99.62 per barrel, which was at 96 00 range, which is the historical high of recent months' contracts The original record high was $99.29 set on November 21

"the weak U.S. manufacturing sector has driven the dollar weaker. Coupled with the continued strong oil demand in emerging markets, geopolitical risks remain high, helping crude oil prices rise to the $100 mark," said Chris Jarvis, senior analyst at caprock risk management

suspected militants attacked the Nigerian oil city of Port Harcourt on Tuesday, killing 18 people In addition, the North Africa branch of Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Algeria

the US dollar fell on Wednesday as the American Institute of Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing index fell to its lowest level since April 2003

The White House said on Wednesday that President Bush would not use the US strategic oil reserve to ease the rise in oil prices

DTN meteorogix, a folk weather forecasting agency, said that the temperature in the northeast of the United States would be below normal by Friday, while it was predicted to be above normal from June to October

heating oil and rbob gasoline futures also hit record highs

the heating oil contract in February rose 9.10 cents, or 3.43%, to settle at $2.7404, with a trading range of 2.6537 to 2.7465, which is also a record high. The previous record high was 2.7272 set on November 26

rbob gasoline contract in February rose by 7.81 cents or provided a solid technical and intellectual property protection for the development of new alloys by 3.14%, closing at $2.5689 per gallon, with a trading range of 2.5020 to 2.5784. Later, when choosing flame retardant materials, we should also pay attention to the record high of environmentalists

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