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Trend observation of international printing industry in 2009

affected by the deterioration of the world economic situation, the overall profits of the global printing industry shrank in 2008, and the printing industry will face more challenges in 2009. Under the influence of many uncertain factors, printing owners will be more cautious and close to the market in every step of their investment plan. Frank Romano, an honorary professor in the printing media department of Rochester Institute of technology, is recognized as a senior international expert in the field of printing and publishing. He has made a detailed explanation of the future development of each segment of the printing industry and businesses. Recently, British "printing weekly" published his views. It can be seen that with the great changes in the printing industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for printing services

commercial printing

traditional printing equipment has low production capacity, high pad cost, and the workflow has not been fully applied, which has hindered the development of printing enterprises. In order to quickly improve productivity, some printing plants should consider whether they need to use a new fully automated printing machine to replace two traditional printing machines. The faster preparation process of printing operation is convenient for making short version live parts that are popular in the market, and automation will reduce the number of printer operators. Printing can not be limited by the size of the paper and serve the market where the production of the special material is difficult, and the coating machine will be indispensable. Offset printing still has certain advantages, but digital printing will make great progress in the field of short version and variable data printing

book printing

publishers finally chose to print on demand to reduce inventory and storage costs. Any bibliography will have a printed version, because digital printing can start printing at the same time, so if the book printing factory adopts offset printing and digital printing at the same time, they can meet any printing needs from the shortest version to the longest version. Reprinted books are gradually turning to on-demand printing, which requires the mixed application of long and short edition printing. It will be possible for book printing to enter bookstores directly, but the operation mode of longer short edition printing (such as 10 copies) and shorter long edition printing (such as 100 copies) means that centralized printing services will still be necessary

bill printing

as electronic bill delivery and payment are used by more and more companies, the use of checks has decreased. With the electronization of bills, the commercial bill printing market is changing, and bill printing enterprises must change. The integration of bills and labels will continue to deepen, but we must pay attention to the development of RFID technology. RFID connects computer chips and antennas through printing, makes them into electronic labels, and then pastes them on pallets and cartons. Having mastered these basic technical factors, bill printing enterprises will have great opportunities

newspaper printing

modern newspaper color printing machines have made considerable progress. But when it can be seen at any time and anywhere, color alone is not enough. Classified advertising is becoming more and more popular, but print advertising is still a profitable market. If you want to improve the efficiency of advertising, you have to expand the market share of door-to-door service and direct mail. Publishers have also built communities for their readers

packaging and printing

the market is dynamic, because brand managers want to seek innovation in packaging and patterns. Whether you are a large flexible packaging flexographic printing enterprise, a lithographic printing factory that produces countless labels, or a folding carton printing company of any type, your success depends on the innovative ability of your printing equipment in form, substrate and pattern

The decrease of advertising pages of magazine publishers is a trend. At the same time, the advertising revenue of the magazine station will gradually increase, but it still cannot make up for the loss of print advertising. The future station will not replace printed magazines. Both printed and electronic magazines will be needed, because in this world of multi-channel information sources, readers hope to read the contents of the magazine at any time and in any way

printing buyer

as a designer, product manager and purchaser, the stress relationship at this time is tr=-f/A. in most cases, the printing buyer does not hold the title of printing buyer. Companies may not pay much attention to what they do, but they are an important part of the communication chain. They know how to define work and choose the best service. The challenge now is to prove the value they bring to the company

industry supplier

the progress made by the printing industry has always come from the supplier side. In many cases, it is because suppliers pay attention to the progress of the printing market, and then innovate that new technologies are produced in the printing industry. We need to improve the automation level and production capacity, and we need new ideas, so that printing plants can enter new market areas. In fact, suppliers are not only suppliers, but also partners in the printing industry

fast print/copy shop

the flexible color printer with electronic finishing function has become a new type of copy offset press, and a group of good post press processing equipment is also indispensable. Wide width inkjet printing is more and more widely used, not only for billboard printing, but also for window decoration, wall decoration or other professional products. In the end, fast printers will be a panacea in the future

special/niche printing houses

the gap market is relatively active. T-shirt printing is changing from silk printing to inkjet printing. We can use ink-jet printing machine to print Christmas decorations and football, while car body packaging makes graphics become mobile billboards. Lithographic inkjet printers can print on thick glass and plastic, and huge signs can even package the whole building. Inkjet printing has brought printing houses into new market areas and brought them new potential profits

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