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Oak treatment of wine packaged in oak barrels

II. Oak treatment of wine

there are many methods of oak treatment of wine, and red and white wine are slightly different. White wine is fermented in oak barrels and aged on wine mud; Red wine is aged in oak barrels after alcohol fermentation, malic acid and lactic acid fermentation and simple natural clarification. No matter which method is adopted, the most important thing to achieve ideal results is to strengthen daily management. Must do:

1. Control the temperature and humidity of aging

the temperature of aging is best controlled below 20 ℃, and the maximum should not exceed 25 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the wine is prone to rancidity and oxidation too fast; However, the temperature should not be too low, because too low temperature is easy to precipitate tartrate in wine and adhere to the barrel wall, thus affecting the effect of extraction. The humidity should be 80% - 90%. If the humidity is too low, frequent barrel filling operation is required. If the humidity is too high, it will provide a good hotbed for the breeding of microorganisms, which may eventually lead to moldy taste and rancidity of wine

2. Avoid pollution

wine is quite delicate and easy to be polluted by miscellaneous flavors. The oak barrel storage room should not only maintain a small change in temperature, but also maintain a certain degree of air fluidity. So as to avoid pollution caused by long-term retention of air. Pay special attention to prevent chlorates from polluting the air in the storage room. For example, do not use substances such as bleaching powder and fungicides containing chlorine to avoid the appearance of transmission asynchrony in the storage room; Do not let construction dust enter the storage room. Wash the surface of the barrel regularly to prevent the floating dust on the barrel surface from entering the wine during the barrel filling operation

3. Add barrels and stir in time

due to the volatilization of wine itself and the moisture absorption of oak barrels, the wine surface stored in barrels will gradually decrease. Thus causing dissatisfaction with the oak barrel. In contrast to Shirley wine, in order to maintain the fruity aroma of the wine and prevent excessive oxidation and the sharp rise of volatile acids, it is necessary to regularly check the wine surface, make up this deficiency in time, and maintain full storage. According to different processes, sometimes it is necessary to stir the wine in the oak barrel regularly, so that the specific details of the wine can be consulted 13365312612 Mud is always suspended in the liquor during storage

4. Regular tasting and analysis

the length of wine barrel storage depends on the type and style of wine, ranging from a few months to decades. Such as Spanish sherry and Portuguese bortu, the barrel storage time can be up to 20 years, which is generally suitable for the production of aging style wines. The most popular and successful experience and practice in wine new world countries is generally to store wine in oak barrels for 8-12 months, and then modulate it according to its own aluminum production as a young metal product

wine is a "living body", which needs the careful care and care of the winemaker during its barrel aging. In addition to the timely and accurate transmission to many R & D resources under the China Steel Research Institute to maintain a full barrel of storage, wine needs to be tasted regularly. Another advantage of regular tasting and analysis is that problems can be found in time. Such as musty taste, rancidity or other peculiar smell. It can also accurately predict the maturity date of wine

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