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After cooperating with Lenovo, nutanix will not consider the success of other manufacturers

nutanix in foreign markets for the time being, which undoubtedly stimulated the expectation of China's it ecosystem for the market space of super fusion systems. Although the super integrated system market is still one of the market segments at present, its impact on the future IT market cannot be underestimated from its development momentum

Lenovo hyperfusion product launch new product unveiling ceremony

for the global market, both research institutions have given optimistic forecasts: IDC report pointed out that in the third quarter of 2015, the growth rate of the global hyperfusion infrastructure market reached 155%, and the market capacity in 2016 is expected to increase by 94% to more than $1.5 billion, and it will reach $4billion by 2019. Gartner is more optimistic. It is expected that this market, which only appeared in 2012, will grow to $5billion in 2019

it is this rapidly growing appeal that, in addition to nutanix, domestic innovative enterprises focusing on the super integrated market, such as smartx and Zett, will not produce harmful gases, aKit, etc., have also risen rapidly. The former has obtained the investment of Lenovo Music Fund and launched thinkcloud AIO super integrated cloud all-in-one machine. According to insiders, the price is very high, but it sells well. It and the HX series released this time are aimed at different application environments and customer groups

Liu Zheng, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of marketing of key customer business unit in China

Lenovo will introduce a new market perspective based on its understanding of future it, and its main content will be dual-mode or dual-mode it. On the one hand, this understanding stems from the analysis of customers, on the other hand, it is also the experience summary of its own it construction

applicable to cold regions. Although the specific content is not known, this market view is closely related to Lenovo's cooperation with nutanix. Liu Zheng, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of the marketing department of key customers in China, for example, said that unlike key core businesses, emerging business systems such as trading and e-commerce, and R & D systems and external analysis systems for customers in traditional industries such as banks all need more agile it support. This is the target market for Lenovo and nutanix to carry out cooperation or for piston and bearing oil pollution

in January this year, Lenovo cloud service group joined hands with China Institute of electronics, nutanix, H3C, smartx, maxta, Shenxin, huayunji and other super integrated industrial chain enterprises to establish a super integrated industrial alliance, showing high hopes for the domestic super integrated infrastructure market. At that time, Huang Ying, managing director of nutanix China, predicted 1 The release of new products cooperated with Lenovo was announced at room temperature

on March 9, Lenovo officially released the HX series new super fusion device product family equipped with nutanix software as promised, with a total of three products: fusion hx3500, fusion hx5500 and hx7500

Bob Wallace, vice president of global OEM strategic cooperation of nutanix

the HX series products launched by Lenovo and nutanix this time will be sold worldwide. Bobwallace, vice president of nutanix global OEM strategic cooperation, said that at the level of strategic cooperation, nutanix currently focuses on Lenovo, and there will be no other choice in the short term

as always, manufacturers will add additional support to the existing sales system when putting high hopes on solution products. Lenovo has also followed this practice for the HX series

it is reported that Lenovo is considering building a special sales team to promote sales. It is conceivable that the focus of this team will be on supporting typical customers and establishing typical cases; The latter will eventually provide a pull for the market

at the same time, Liu Zheng said that Lenovo would also take the initiative to invite some capable and interested partners to join the super integrated ecosystem led by Lenovo

the HX fusion device series launched by Lenovo this time has three products for different application needs of customers:

Lenovo fusion hx3500 is designed for VDI and entry-level virtualization workloads, such as e-mail, archives and printing, network server, middleware, lightweight database and remote/branch environment

Lenovo integrated hx5500 is designed for server virtualization workloads with large capacity requirements, including Hadoop big data, file servers, on clusterbackups, Splunk, and centralized disaster recovery solutions for remote/branch environments

Lenovo converged hx7500 is designed for databases and other intensive i/o workloads, including MSSQL servers, Ms exchange, SharePoint, and Oracle RAC environments

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