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Wennai obel00 series one-sided ladder is not only a ladder, but also a power workstation

at the 2013 China International Hardware Exhibition, wennai, a safety ladder brand from the United States, exhibited a star product, which attracted the attention of many professionals in the ladder industry. This is wennai obel00 series one-sided ladder. Wennai engineers prefer to call it a power workstation

why do you call it that? In short, you can complete almost all the electrical maintenance tasks you often encounter in daily situations on this ladder. In fact, this is an integrated platform for electrical maintenance operations. Now let's explain the mystery one by one

at the head of each stable obel00 series one-sided ladder, there is such a top cover, a specially designed top cover that can make the work of power maintenance personnel easier and faster. It is a patented technology of stable and durable. Inside the top cover, you can place all kinds of tools needed for power maintenance, and you can also add a tool basket on the top cover, in which you can place more spare parts needed for work. As long as you use the industrial computer as the controller in advance, another advantage is that you can easily try the tools for the storage, management and printing of experimental data. When you repair the power, all the tools are within reach

in the stable obel00 series single-sided ladder body, the ladder frame is equipped with a wire pipe support with a built-in cutting system, which can solve the problem of flexible application of the three cutting steps in power maintenance. On the ladder, you can use it to cut wires, galvanized steel pipes, etc., so as to greatly save time and improve work efficiency

there is also a support at the ladder body, which is a wire reel support suitable for large and small reels. With this support, you can place many different reels according to the needs of your work. All kinds of wires can be used easily and in an orderly manner

the above three points constitute the main reason why the stable obel00 series one-sided ladder has become a power workstation. In addition, this one-sided ladder has many other characteristics if it is improperly selected or unsuitable

the design of the full set of rear cross bars makes this ladder more stable, highlighting the safety consideration for ladder users that stability has always attached the most importance to; The pedal thickness of 7.62cm makes the stepping experience more comfortable, and the use of double row riveting and diagonal bracing makes the stepping safer; The heavy-duty inner opening and closing device can effectively fix the opening and closing of the ladder frame; The use of FRP ladder frame material is the security guarantee under the special environment of electric power; The edge diagonal bracing system helps to reduce the damage to the ladder frame, and the foot pad riveted to the edge diagonal bracing system structure can better protect the ladder feet from wear

elevator master wennai has a development history of nearly 100 years. As the world's first brand of safety ladders, wennai has been at the forefront of safety ladder industry technology. The electric power working platform displayed in this exhibition not only shows wennai's strong manufacturing capacity, but also announces to Chinese consumers that China's era of wennai safety ladders is coming

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