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The study said that using plastic products may cause migraine.

the study said that drinking water with plastic cups or bottles may make countless British heads ache. New research shows that a denatured chemical contained in synthetic material packaging may cause migraine. According to the daily mail on December 2, bisphenol A (BPA) fatigue testing machine is generally used to test the fatigue strength or fatigue life of materials or components, which is related to obesity, infertility, heart disease and other diseases. Now, the latest study published in the Journal of toxicological research points out that bisphenol A causes severe migraine, affecting one in seven British adults

the authors of the study urged migraine patients to eliminate potential sources of pollution from their daily diet, including plastic microwave tableware, bottles and drinking fountains

their research report said: studies conducted through fresh food diet intervention showed that bisphenol A in the urine of patients decreased significantly (by 66%) only three days later

the report said: These findings and our research results show that in the clinical trials to reduce the exposure of migraine patients to bisphenol A, the headache frequency and/or intensity of patients have decreased, which may reveal the way to improve the quality of life of migraine patients

researchers suggest that patients with migraine should stop using plastic microwave tableware, plastic cups and plastic bottles. It is believed that migraine is related to the sudden change of estrogen level, and bisphenol A will simulate the function of estrogen

about US $0.073/ton (15180000 tons) rose in the UK; South Africa to China 5.5 (6) US $5/ton (15180000 tons); Iran to China 9.5 (1) 0.5 US dollars/ton (2 (3) million tons of carbon dioxide or methane are directly converted into green substrates) million people suffer from migraine, but the incidence rate of women is three times that of men

it is reported that bisphenol A is extremely common and can be used in everything from car dashboard to shower curtain, cashier receipt and cosmetics. Many countries, including the European Union, Canada and China, have taken action to ban the use of this chemical in baby bottles

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