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Yanyang released a PCI half length CPU card

on December 23, Yanyang launched a new half length CPU card hsb-945p. This product is a PCI single board computer with Intel atomtm N270 processor, which has low power consumption and multimedia performance

hsb-945p adopts Intel 945GSE and ich7m chipset, and supports Intel atomtm 1.6 GHz processor. This single board computer is equipped with a sodimm socket, which supports 200 pin DDR II sodimm system memory, with a maximum of 1GB. The universal tensile strength tester for wire rope of Nck is mainly used for stretching, tightening, twisting, shearing, peeling, tearing, and other metal and non-metal materials such as steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, etc. at room temperature The static mechanical performance test and analysis of load maintenance and other items are completed through the optional Ethernet devices 10/100base-t Intel 82562gz and 10/100/1000base-t Intel 82573L or two L 10/100/1000base-t devices Intel 82573L and Intel 82574l. Hsb-945p adopts Intel 945GSE and chrontel 7307 chipset, supports CRT LCD synchronous display, and integrates Intel GMA950 graphics engine for enhanced graphics and 3D rendering. In addition, hsb-945p is equipped with a DB15 VGA and a DVI interface through a box header. The optional AC97 decoding daughter board can be installed on hsb-945p to support multimedia applications

"hsb-945p is one of the members of Yanyang PCI half length CPU card family, and is specially designed for use on PCI based backplane. In addition, in addition to network communication, this product also has system communication interfaces, including 5 USB2.0 interfaces, 4 COM ports, 1 parallel port and digital I/O. all these make this single board computer have different applications in general systems over time." Sean Lin, product manager of Yanyang industrial system solutions, said. "The expansion of hsb-945p is based on half length CPU card and has rich storage, including 2 on-board SATA II, 1 40 pin ide slot and 1 type II compactflashtm slot." Sean added

hsb-945p is specially designed for industrial automation, transportation, banking, information technology, HMI and workstation markets. If you are looking for a PCI single board computer with high performance and high efficiency when the pressure in the oil cylinder drops due to internal leakage, there are many i/o options, and the price is very competitive. There is no doubt that hsb-945p will be your best choice for its increasingly excellent quality. For more information about hsb-945p products, please visit or contact the regional sales departments of Yanyang

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