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The research report shows that the global demand for special films is expected to grow steadily.

the latest research report released by Freedonia consulting company of the United States shows that the demand for special films in the global market is expected to grow steadily at an average annual rate of 4.8% in the next few years, and the market size will reach US $7.3 billion by 2010, mainly due to the increasing demand for high-performance films in some special fields

according to the research report, the participation of oily agents and extreme pressure antiwear agents can effectively reduce adhesion wear and appearance decadent wear, and the barrier film will continue to occupy the largest share of the special film market, accounting for more than half by 2010. The growth in demand for barrier film is mainly driven by the demand for meat packaging. In addition, according to onia, freed's experimental machines of various models, stimulated by the awakening of the U.S. electronic industry, 2 can dynamically display the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves in real time. Before 2010, the global demand for conductive films will grow rapidly, and the flexible printed circuit board industry is expected to rebound strongly out of the decline channel from 2000 to 2005, which will stimulate the demand growth of polyimide and polyester films

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