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Research shows that non PVC multi-layer coextrusion infusion film affects the pH value of sodium bicarbonate injection

recently, technical personnel of Shandong Qidu pharmaceutical found that non PVC multi-layer coextrusion infusion film can cause the pH value of sodium bicarbonate injection to rise through the experimental research on the compatibility of non PVC multi-layer coextrusion rubber vibration damping products with product elastic parameters adjustable infusion film and sodium bicarbonate injection

at present, China has an annual output of about 5billion bottles of clinical infusion. Most of the packaging materials are glass bottles, and plastic bottles and soft bags account for only about 15% of the total. However, glass bottle and plastic bottle packaging have defects such as easy to be polluted in the process of use, which brings potential hidden dangers to clinical medication. In recent years, non PVC bag infusion has developed rapidly because of its advantages of simple manufacture, small production area, light weight, pressure resistance, convenient transportation, rapid infusion and low pollution during infusion. At present, the variety of flexible packaging infusion in China is increasing day by day, including not only conventional infusion such as glucose and sodium chloride, but also high value-added nutritional and therapeutic infusion such as amino acids. But is flexible packaging suitable for all injections? Shandong Qidu pharmaceutical technicians have studied this

technicians prepare 600L sodium bicarbonate injection according to the preparation process of glass bottle high-capacity injection, inject purified carbon dioxide gas, and fill it after the pH value is qualified. The experiment was filled with three membrane bags made of American m312, American m312c and German app114, and compared with glass bottles. The pH value was detected before filling. Considering that a large amount of carbon dioxide gas is introduced into the production process of sodium bicarbonate injection, and the phenomenon of "bag expansion" may occur in the sterilization process, the technicians used vacuum products in the bag for comparison in the filling process, and adjusted the sterilization parameters. The test items and indicators include the content of semi-finished products and finished products, pH value, visible foreign bodies, bacterial endotoxin, insoluble particles, sterility test, etc

the final test results showed that sodium bicarbonate injection was packed with non PVC multi-layer coextrusion infusion film and glass bottle 2 Smart city demonstration and utilization: after promoting the use of magnetic materials, new sensors, electronic silicon materials, optical fiber materials and new display technologies in the construction of smart cities, their contents, visible foreign bodies, bacterial endotoxin, insoluble particles, sterility test and other items comply with the provisions of the Pharmacopoeia, and there is no significant difference between the two groups; However, the pH value of the products packaged with non PVC multi-layer coextrusion infusion bags increased significantly. The pH value of the non sterilized products and the sterilized products exceeded the standard (7.5~8.5) after being placed at room temperature for 15 days, while the pH value of the control group did not change significantly

information source: China Medical News

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