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A research report from Anqing's printing and publishing industry on July, 2006, as a member of the research team of Anhui Provincial Publishing Bureau, the author conducted a serious investigation and Research on the publishing industry in the famous printing town of Tongcheng and the historical text design oscillator, as shown in Figure 2. The general feeling is that the industry is booming, the situation is good, the team is stable, the spirit is exciting, the courage to explore, and the idea is clear, Face up to difficulties and deficiencies

the research focused on the theme of learning and implementing the scientific concept of development, focused on printing and distribution units, and closely linked with the reality of Anqing city and the province, analyzed and considered how to develop the publishing industry. It can be summarized as follows: there should be bright spots in the industry, there should be leaders in the industry, there should be rules and regulations in supervision, and people should do things.

there should be bright spots in the industry

to set up an industry, we must constantly form and launch our own bright spots, What is the highlight? The highlight is the feature. It's the tip that starts after you can't add materials. It's the essence. It's encouraging, thought-provoking and inspiring

at present, there are two bright spots in Anqing's publishing industry. The first is the packaging and printing production in all villages and towns of Tongcheng City, and the second is the book and magazine trading market located in weihuxinlu Road, Anqing. The former has 294 licensed printing enterprises and more than 50000 employees. In 2005, the total operating income was 3.8 billion yuan, an increase of 21% year-on-year. It has become one of the four prestigious packaging and printing bases in China. The latter has 35 publishing operators, with a total business area of 7000 square meters and a total sales volume of more than 100 million yuan in 2005. The introduction of the above two highlights has effectively promoted the popularity of Anqing's publishing industry and the growth of its economic aggregate. Tongcheng municipal Party committee and Tongcheng Zhifu regard the packaging and printing industry as the first of the city's five pillar industries, and the election of the director of the municipal Publishing Bureau as a member of the municipal Party committee has something to do with the important position of the printing industry under its jurisdiction in the local economy. Leaders of the General Administration of publishing have visited Tongcheng for inspection. China packaging and printing association has held national printing exhibitions in Tongcheng for many times. Jiangsu Linyang group has built the first phase of the "China Tongcheng packaging and printing city" with a total area of 80000 square meters in Tongcheng city. Affected by the "double effect" stimulation of the book and magazine trading market on Huxin Middle Road, the retail and rental units of publications in Anqing area have increased rapidly. By 2005, the city had 7 secondary wholesale units of publications, 386 retail and rental units of publications, and the annual sales reached 293.5 million yuan. Anqing book market has become one of the five major book and magazine trading markets in the province

bright spots will not appear out of thin air. They need not only objective conditions for germination, but also artificial creation and cultivation. The same is true for the formation of the two bright spots in Anqing publishing industry. Tongcheng packaging printing began in the 1980s, when printing enterprises were as few as morning stars, which was very inconspicuous. However, Tongcheng people have a kind of pride of "daring to be the first in the world". With the spirit of "thousands of mountains and rivers, thousands of families, thousands of words and thousands of hardships", they develop the market and quickly open up the situation, making it a burning wish. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government and relevant departments seized the opportunity, guided by the situation, and focused on packaging and printing as a strategic focus for cultivating advantageous industries and developing regional economy. In 2005 alone, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government helped more than 20 packaging and printing enterprises raise more than 200 million yuan, promoting the packaging and printing production to become bigger and bigger like a snowball, and finally have today's dazzling. The formation of Tongcheng packaging and printing base can be said to be the best product of the combination of national entrepreneurship and government guidance. There was no book trading market on Huxin middle road in Anqing city. It was gradually developed by the municipal publishing department after active coordination and on the basis of mobilizing the old business households in the urban area to move to Huxin middle road for centralized management. The base has gathered the hard work of many parties

the practical experience of Anqing city tells us that under the premise of basically having objective conditions, we should consciously create and cultivate industrial highlights, which is an important link to promote the development of the publishing industry. From the perspective of the whole province, the following industrial highlights have initially taken shape, and we need more attention and help from all relevant parties to consolidate, improve, enrich and strengthen them

1 the experimental materials are from x12crmowvnbn10 ⑴ ⑴ gas turbine turbine turbine disk trial forgings that have been heat treated after forging. The book printing base in Taifei city and the packaging printing base in Tongcheng city should be set up. Hefei book printing base should be famous for having a large number of international advanced printing equipment and high-quality prints, and the "Luyang publication printing industrial park" with a total area of nearly 2000 mu in the first phase should be established to further improve the industrial concentration. Tongcheng packaging and printing base should continue to develop a good pattern in which the three major packaging products (paper packaging, plastic flexible packaging and iron printing packaging) rely on each other, the four major printing technologies (offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and silk screen printing) are integrated, and the five professional plates (Xindu town, Shuanggang Town, Wenchang street in Laomei Town, Sanbu town and Lvting town) focus on building momentum, and strive to make the total sales revenue of packaging and printing industry reach 10billion yuan in about 10 years

2 establish five publication trading markets in Hefei, Wuhu, Bengbu, Anqing and Fuyang

3 the teaching auxiliary books of Anhui Education Edition have become one of the mainstream teaching auxiliary materials inside and outside the province

4 Anhui children's edition of children's books strives to create domestic and international famous brands

5 Anhui Xinhua Distribution Group Co., Ltd. is listed

6 Xin'an evening news is listed

7 Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. is listed

8 Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. invested in Russia to set up "new era Printing Co., Ltd."

9 the pharmaceutical packaging and printing industry in Taihe County strives to become the third printing base in Anhui

Zang, head of the Publicity Department of the Anhui provincial Party committee, mentioned the development of printing in his speech at the Symposium of publishing directors of the whole province, which fully conforms to the reality of Anhui Publishing Industry. In China, the printing industry is still a sunrise industry, far from a sunset industry. "Printing Manager" magazine has held the selection activity of "top 100 printing enterprises in China" for four consecutive times, and the annual sales revenue of the last place on the list is higher year by year. Anhui Xinhua printing factory, a famous enterprise in Anhui Province, has fallen out of the sun twice, which shows that the overall development momentum of the printing industry is strong. The economic growth rate of the publishing industry is higher than that of the local national economy, and the growth rate of the printing industry is higher than the average growth rate of the publishing industry, which has been achieved in many provinces in China. China's printing industry is developing at an amazing speed and will become the world's printing center. Anhui's printing industry is also generally favored by the domestic printing industry. It is predicted that in the next 5 to 10 years, the focus of China's printing will move from the Pan Pearl River Delta region to Anhui and other central regions. As "Mengniu", "Wahaha" and other food giants have established production bases in Anhui, the opportunity for the rapid development of Anhui packaging and printing industry has come, which will be more conducive to the formation and launch of printing highlights. In order to create and cultivate the highlights of the publishing industry and pay more attention to the development of the printing industry, Anhui will issue the white paper on the development of the printing industry in Anhui Province at the end of this year. An industry is a team, and there must be pacesetters standing; An industry is like a dragon, which needs to be led by a leader. The practice of publishing industry in Anqing city and many other places has proved that the role of "leading" has four functions:

1 driving function. The common ones are large with small, strong with weak, rich with poor

2 radiating function educates and influences peers with ideas, experience, technology, management mode and other business environment

3 demonstration function. Set an example in production and operation in tangible, intangible, hardware and software ways

4 cultivate backbone function. Many people in leading enterprises understand technology and management. Once they leave the factory and are employed by other units, they often become the backbone of technology or management of these units, or even run their own factories. Now many printing factory owners in Tongcheng city are "salesmen" from big factories. The reason why Hefei's book and periodical printing industry has mushroomed; The growth of I scholars is largely due to the large number of talents sent by the former Anhui Xinhua printing plant to private printing enterprises. Anhui Xinhua printing plant can be called the Huangpu Military Academy of Anhui book printing "

in 2005, among Tongcheng packaging and printing enterprises, two manufacturers with annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan and more than 5O manufacturers with annual sales revenue of more than 10 million yuan have become the leaders of the printing industry in the city. Anhui Shuangyong packaging and decoration materials Co., Ltd., which took the lead, was formerly Tongcheng Shuanggang plastic products factory with a debt of 40million yuan. In 1992, Li Zhongming took up the post of factory director, boldly bought out the enterprise, and jointly invested in the construction of China 91 joint venture with Taiwan Dayong Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yongxin East China Investment Co., Ltd, After 13 years, it has developed into three first-class large-scale packaging and printing enterprises with technical equipment management methods and professionals: the sales revenue last year reached 250million yuan. This year, it is expected to exceed 300million yuan. It is the only manufacturer in China that has three production processes and equipment: direct plating transfer and holographic laser at the same time. The growth of many small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Tongcheng has been supported and helped by leading enterprises such as Shuangyong and Jingtian. Therefore, there is a saying in the industry that "Shuangyong leads the way and surprises (Beijing) heaven and earth". Anqing book and magazine trading market is also mainly supported by dragon head private bookstores such as "new era bookstore"

the development of printing and distribution industry is generally synchronized with the local economic development. The economic situation of some cities and counties in the province is not very poor, but the printing and distribution industry there is not prosperous. To a large extent, it is due to the long-term lack of leadership and radiation of leading units. The experience and lessons have fully proved that industry leaders are indispensable. Giving full consideration to the requirements of product characteristics, utilization and durability, playing the leading role is another important link to promote the development of the publishing industry. Whether an enterprise can become a leader in the industry depends first on its strength.

Second, whether it is in the position of strategic development. According to the current situation of the development of the publishing industry in the province, the general consideration of choosing the industry leader is:

1 the newspaper publishing industry is led by Anhui newspaper group, and other municipal Party newspapers are encouraged to join the newspaper group. Strive to establish municipal newspaper groups in cities where conditions permit

The book publishing industry is led by Anhui Publishing Group, which drives the development of university publishing units

3 the periodical publishing industry is led by the magazine companies that have entered the Chinese periodical matrix and won the national periodical award. The establishment of periodical groups is encouraged

4 establish the "joint meeting of strong printing enterprises in Anhui Province" system, which is attended by printing enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan, such as Huangshan Yongxin Co., Ltd., Antai new packaging material company, Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., and give play to the leading role of printing enterprises

5 the publishing industry is led by Anhui Xinhua Publishing Group, striving to cultivate a private book and magazine enterprise with the qualification of general distribution of publications. Industry associations have a direct role in supporting and helping the formation of industry leaders. The publishing administration department should pay attention to changing its functions, fully rely on the strength of industry associations, provide common services, support the emergence of industry leaders, and let the "leaders" lead and radiate the industry to accelerate its development

the social and commodity attributes of publishing products at the same time determine that we must implement the policy of focusing on both management and prosperity in this industry. The two cannot be neglected to ensure correct orientation, market norms and orderly competition. Management and prosperity are not contradictory. They complement each other. The purpose of management is to ensure and promote the development of the industry. The result of prosperity provides a basis for strengthening management

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