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Which is the better difference between kevos T5 sweeping robot and T8, N8, n8pro? Shopping suggestions

covos T5 and T8, N8, n8pro are four popular sweeping machines under covos, so which is the better one to distinguish between covos T5 and T8, N8, n8pro conditioning zero? Let's see the differences and shopping suggestions for friends in need

first, which is the difference

the main differences between covos T5 and T8, N8, n8pro are that they are different in time to market, endurance, suction, detailed functions and price. The detailed differences are as follows:

1. Time to market differences: covos N8, n8pro are the latest to be launched later, and covos T5 and T8 were launched earlier

2. Difference in endurance: 3200mah for covos N8 and n8pro batteries, 5200mAh for covos T5 and T8 batteries

3. Differences in suction: covos N8, n8pro are 2600pa, covos T5 and T8 are 1500pa

4. Differences in details: covos T5 and T8 have smart eco carpet recognition and pressurization function, and T8 has high-frequency vibration floor wiping water tank, while covos N8 and n8pro do not

5. Differences in price: the prices of covos n8pro and T8 power are higher, and the prices of covos T5 power and N8 are lower

turn to covos n8pro user comments to see how the brake pad material has experienced from asbestos to semi-metallic materials

transfer to coworth T8 friends to see if there are many faults

II. Purchase suggestions:

1. If you want more functions and performance, the budget is about 2500 yuan, and you want to have a stronger endurance ability, it is more appropriate to recommend this covos T8 power. Please click here to check activity quotation.

2. If the area ratio of the house is larger, more than 100 square meters or duplex, recommend this covos T5 power, which has a strong endurance ability and high cost performance, Check activity price

3. If it is a small household, it is more suitable to recommend this n8pro, which is newly launched in covos, because the requirements for endurance will be relatively low. (check activity quotation)

III. summary:

the above is a good introduction about the difference between the floor sweeping robot covos T5 and T8, N8, n8pro. I hope it can help friends in need to choose for reference. Friends can start with their actual budget and family needs that make the test sample slip in the experimental process. The overall function of covos is good

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