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CPP hot drink bottle of Toyota children's drink

Toyota children's drink produced by Hanmi whole soymilk Co., Ltd. in South Korea, as a representative of filtered polypropylene (CPP) material used in hot drink packaging bottles for the first time, fully proves that CPP material is slightly better in terms of cost and environmental protection and regeneration. Y.s. Lim, general manager of Hanmi company, said: "We spent two years looking for a packaging solution with the highest cost performance. In the past, we jointly developed xcp150/100 and xcp120/90 rubber melt gear pump extruders in the purification process of polypropylene, which always encountered the problem of peculiar smell, but new technological progress has solved this problem. Now, our product packaging bottles have better cost performance and environmental protection advantages."

The breakthrough progress of CPP material is attributed to Milliken chemical, which develops functional packaging materials with a certain technical content. A Div. of Milliken Co. has made unremitting research on injection, drawing/blow molding technology. The company successfully completed an experiment earlier this year. This technology can increase the productivity of CPP beverage bottles by more than 30%, so that CPP materials can be comparable with pet and become another choice for beverage manufacturers. The experimental contents include: machine optimization, process improvement, and the use of the company's millad (R) 3988 purification equipment

as a substitute for pet in the hot drink packaging bottle market, the price of CPP is 10% - 20% lower than that of pet. Milliken company pointed out that because CPP clearly encourages the use of degradable and reusable environmental protection packaging materials, it has excellent shaping ability, and can fill up to 98 degree drinks with polyethylene as the packaging belt (strapping belt), CPP undoubtedly has more advantages than pet for some drinks

hanmi's Toyota children's drink brand name is from a very popular animation series in South Korea. The color label and press type bottle mouth of the bottle body are produced by bio one Co., Ltd.

source: packaging Expo

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