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Research Report on the development of flexible plastic packaging industry in 2005 (Part 1)

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BOPP is the mainstream product in the packaging field in the world today. Due to its light weight, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, high barrier, high impact strength and good printing performance, as well as its simple production process, appropriate price and low pollution, it is widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, daily light industry, clothing, cigarettes and other fields

since the Italian Montecatini company first developed BOPP production technology in 1958, industrial developed countries such as Europe, Japan and the United States have successively put into industrial production in 1960, and their production capacity and output have been expanding. It is reported that the global total output of BOPP was 1million tons in 1990, soared to 2million tons in 1995, and reached 3.5 million tons in 2001. According to the prediction of AMI consulting company, the total output of BOPP in the world will jump to 6million tons by 2010

I. The current economic downturn in the flexible plastic packaging industry and its main reasons

with the production of the new production line, the production capacity has increased sharply, and the domestic BOPP supply and demand market is seriously unbalanced. At the same time, new production line manufacturers are eager to open the market, and have hit the market with low prices. Since November, 2002, the domestic BOPP price has fallen sharply, and the rapid expansion of production capacity in a short time has triggered a market crisis. Many enterprises in the BOPP film industry are in trouble

I. Analysis of macro external environment

the external environment of an enterprise has been constantly creating opportunities and emerging threats. Whether it can adapt to the changing environment is crucial to the fate of the enterprise. As far as BOPP enterprises are concerned, their environment includes macro and micro, macro includes political, economic, social and technological fields, and micro is the industrial environment faced by enterprises. The following is an analysis of the macro external environment of the BOPP industry:

1. Economic development and the improvement of people's living standards are conducive to the growth of BOPP demand

China is one of the few developing countries that maintain sustained economic growth at a high rate. According to the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way at the 16th CPC National Congress, the GDP will quadruple that of 2000 by 2020, that is, the GDP will maintain an annual growth rate of more than 7% by 2020. BOPP is mainly used for the packaging of food, tobacco, clothing, etc. it is a highly complementary industry. Its demand growth has a strong correlation with the growth of GDP, and has been higher than the growth of GDP. Therefore, BOPP demand will still have a rapid growth for a long time to come

with the rapid development of national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumption growth will be brought about. At the same time, it will also lead to changes in food structure and commodity circulation (for example, supermarkets have developed rapidly in large and medium-sized cities in China in recent years), which will contribute to the increase of BOPP demand

2 China's entry into WTO is both an opportunity and a challenge for China's BOPP industry.

at present, more than 30% of the raw materials in China's BOPP industry still need to be imported, especially the copolymers used in smoke films and heat sealing films with high technical content, and the quality of domestic products is still difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the price trend of polypropylene raw materials in the international market has a great impact on the BOPP industry. In the long run, with China's accession to the WTO, the tariff on imported polypropylene raw materials will drop significantly, objectively creating a better profit space for film enterprises. On the other hand, the finished product tariffs of foreign film making enterprises will also be reduced, and foreign BOPP products may enter the Chinese market. However, the equipment of domestic enterprises is imported, and the level of equipment technology is not backward. For medium and low-grade products, domestic products have certain advantages in quality and price, and have advantages in serving customers. The impact will not be too great. On the contrary, domestic products can go abroad more. As for high-end products, there is still a big gap between domestic products and the products of some large foreign BOPP enterprises such as ExxonMobil and Sam roung. However, the technological innovation of domestic BOPP industry has made rapid progress in recent years, and it is more familiar with the domestic market. As long as we step up research and development, we can actively respond to the competition of foreign enterprises

3 environmental protection is an important topic that the flexible plastic packaging industry must deal with scientifically.

with the enhancement of social environmental protection awareness, packaging materials will develop in the direction of thin, lightweight, resource saving, energy reduction, recycling and reuse. In the national future plan, the government will actively support the development of films that are easy to be recycled and gradually restrict the production of products that pollute the environment. After biaxial stretching, BOPP realizes the fine and moist orientation of parting feeling, so that the strength, transparency, barrier and gloss of the product are greatly improved, while the thickness is greatly reduced, which saves raw materials and realizes lightweight. Moreover, BOPP is a material that is easy to recycle, reuse and regenerate, which is conducive to environmental protection and in line with the national policy in this regard

with the gradual increase of the share of plastic in all kinds of packaging, the following problem is the recycling of plastic packaging waste, which is an important group to ensure the sustainable development of plastic packaging formaldehyde: analytical pure part. At present, the contradiction between BOPP and other plastic packaging wastes and the environment is becoming increasingly prominent. If this problem is not paid attention to, it is bound to affect the sustainable development of the plastic packaging industry. The recycling of plastic waste is a difficult and subtle work. It is a systematic project, which must be legislated by the government and effectively managed. In addition, publicity and education should be strengthened to improve people's awareness of environmental protection

4 the state's policies for high-tech enterprises are conducive to the competition of BOPP products and substitutes

according to the relevant tax policies of China to encourage the development of high-tech, the state gives preferential income tax treatment to high-tech enterprises or foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises. BOPP is a new type of chemical material. The BOPP industry is a typical capital and technology intensive industry. Now the vast majority of domestic BOPP enterprises are rated as high-tech enterprises and fully enjoy preferential policies in this regard, which is conducive to the competition of BOPP products and substitutes

II. Industrial structure analysis

the main content of industrial environment analysis is industrial structure analysis, which mainly analyzes the competitive pattern of enterprises in this industry and the relationship between this industry and other industries. Through the analysis of industrial structure, we can clearly understand the status of industrial competition and industrial profit potential. The competition in an industry is far from only among the original competitors, but there are five basic forces. They are the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the competition between existing competitors who still have great market potential. Next, the BOPP industry as a whole is analyzed through the analysis of five forces in the industrial environment

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