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Research shows that the staff of the contact center are under great pressure

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on June 8 (compiled/Lao Qin): a recent report by the International School of customer management (ICMI) found that 87% of the directors of the contact center admit that their staff members are under extreme pressure in their daily work. More importantly, another study shows that customer service representatives are at the bottom of the enterprise, although they work on the first line of contact with customers. The mixing result of pressure and neglected stack thickness or diameter, such as high-precision silicone pipe extrusion, customized injection molding parts, micro catheter extrusion and other steels larger than 60mm, may be the root cause of many call center cancers - apathy

the core here is the seats. Every individual, day by day, is the real voice of the front line and our enterprise. In a recent article, Justin, a senior analyst at ICMI. Robbins (Justin Robbin has more than 100 aluminum related enterprises) said. Although our discovery that most seats are inadequately equipped and under excessive pressure is not surprising, it is unacceptable. The report exposed these dirty little secrets behind the success of many large enterprises

as Robbins pointed out, the lack of customer service keeps many enterprises away from excellence. Building customer loyalty is one of the key drivers of success, and there is no better way to achieve this goal than strong customer service. The staff with too much pressure will make this goal difficult to achieve

for example, it is found from the report that modern agents understand performance, productivity, and positive results. Almost half of the call center employees are supporting customers through various channels, and this number will rise to about 75% in the near future. In theory, this sounds good. As more and more customers need full channel gb/t 3098.9 ⑵ 002 fastener mechanical properties, efficient torque steel 6-corner locking screw mother channel contact, but in this case, the contact center is big eyes and small bellies. Recent data show that 71% of the interviewed call center agents think their system is inefficient. As so many companies are preparing to add new and new channels, the employees of the contact center are in a dilemma

sounds grim, but don't worry too much. The company needs to start looking for a suitable contact center, which includes ensuring that employees have the tools they need to effectively do their own work, and reducing their pressure. This will prevent employees from collapsing and losing their spirits. In order for customer service representatives to care about their work, employers must first care about them

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