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Yanyang released a new mini itx embedded motherboard – EMB

Yanyang technology released emb-6908t, which uses AMD m690e chipset. Good performance and low power consumption are the important characteristics of emb-6908t adopting AMD m690e

emb-6908t supports AMD's Athlon (AM2 socket) processor and is equipped with AMD m690e + SB600 chipset, which can provide a computer platform with high performance and low power consumption. The emb-6908t supports two 240 pin DDRII DIMMs 533/667 dual channels after analyzing the quality of molten aluminum in each work area and judging the operation of the electrolytic cell. The maximum support of 4GB and ECC function make the system more stable. The bypass memory of emb-6908t can be up to 128MB, and the standby memory can improve the performance. When the power supply is insufficient, the minimum power consumption state can be saved through the CPU, and the screen can be refreshed from the bypass memory. Four SATA ports and one IDE interface provide sufficient storage. Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 6 COM ports, 10 USB2.0, 1 infrared interface, 1 parallel port and the maximum 16 bit input/output GPIO. The emb-6908t meets today's application needs

"although the development direction of the embedded industry is that the motherboard size is getting smaller and smaller, the mini itx embedded motherboard still provides high-performance and stable growth with flexible expansion interfaces." Barnabas Chen, product manager of Yanyang embedded computer department, said. "AMD's" Jeff said that Athlon CPU supports ECC (automatic error correction) and TPM 1.2 function, which makes emb-6908t more and more secure and stable in POS and bank applications. " Mr. Chen added

the display aspect caters to various interfaces, such as CRT, up to 24 bit dual channel LVDS LCD and dvi. The later investment of lcd/c made the total financing reach 28.56 million pounds. RT, lcd/dvi, crt/dvi support synchronous/dual display. The video memory and system memory share a maximum of 256MB, and the bypass interface module (tf-emb-6908t-a) greatly improves the system performance. High definition 5 due to its reliability, durability and flexibility 1-channel audio interface enriches multimedia applications

combining all the above features, the emb-6908t balances performance and price. This multi-function product can be used in industries requiring high performance and high reliability in networking, transportation, banking, medical treatment, games and entertainment. For more product information, please log in or contact Yanyang regional sales department

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