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Liuzhou new energy vehicle and industrial robot industry research work was carried out in an orderly manner

Liuzhou new energy vehicle and industrial robot industry research work was carried out in an orderly manner

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from November 29 to December 1, due to being buried as garbage, Zhang Yue, deputy general manager of the consulting business department of Liudong New District Science and Technology Bureau and Hexiang Huizhi information technology group (hereinafter referred to as "Hexiang Huizhi") Co., Ltd Wang Meng, the Consulting Director, and his delegation of 7 visited 12 enterprises and colleges in the jurisdiction of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangxi University of science and technology, Liuzhou Vocational and technical college, etc. at the end of the experiment, the research on the new energy vehicle and industrial robot industry in Liuzhou was carried out, focusing on the development of two industries in Liuzhou Carry out training and investigation in the application and protection of intellectual property rights

through the research work, we learned that Liuzhou city's policy support in the two industries, the strength of intellectual property protection and the imperfect service system of enterprises. At the same time, enterprises have centralized needs in project initiation investigation, innovation achievement protection, market risk avoidance, industry dynamic tracking and intellectual property training. In the next step of cooperation, Hexiang Huizhi will effectively combine the actual needs of enterprises, help enterprises understand the latest development trends of the industry, relevant patent information, research and development trends of competitors, market layout and other information, improve the ability of enterprises to use intellectual property rights, and effectively support Liuzhou new energy vehicles and industrial machines. It can also detect the nominal development of building materials and products, and promote industrial innovation

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