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As people's decoration vision moves up, the decoration materials of the bathroom roof are also constantly renovated: from the original PVC board, PS board to aluminum gusset board, consumers have been dazzled. Recently, the reporter saw a new type of environmental protection ceiling &mdash& mdash; Aluminum manganese magnesium alloy ceiling. As a green building material, its emergence has attracted a lot of attention, but due to its high price, many consumers are still waiting and watching. Emerging materials are easy to maintain

through the interview, the reporter learned from the merchants that this ceiling is processed and synthesized by aluminum, manganese and magnesium. Compared with other ceiling substrates sold on the market, it is lighter, more flexible and harder. The imported metal ceiling base material generally has a high magnesium content, about 1.3 ~ 1.8%, which is used to increase the elasticity of the base material; In addition, the addition of manganese metal strengthens the rigidity of the substrate, and the content is about 0.1 ~ 0.3%. The ordinary aluminum gusset plate can only increase the thickness to ensure the rigidity, which is somewhat delicate. The salesperson showed the reporter the flexibility of an aluminum manganese magnesium ceiling made in Shanghai. One of the plates was bent and immediately bounced back to its original shape after letting go, while the ordinary aluminum gusset plate could not achieve such flexibility

compared with ordinary base materials, this alloy ceiling is easy to clean, long-lived, safe and durable. Even if it is in a humid environment for a long time, there will be no falling off of the coating and blackening of the base materials. The surface paint is fine and smooth after a fine three coating and three baking process. Bright colors and changeable shapes

today's decoration is fashionable, alternative, magnificent, or warm. This kind of demand can be met by alloy ceiling. The reporter saw from the merchants that the colorful alloy ceiling with different shapes has changed the modeling of the previous ceiling and broken through the old thinking limitations. Each style has dozens of colors to choose from, including luxurious gloss paint, warm and elegant matte paint, fresh and bright metallic paint, and wood grain paint that returns to nature

this material also has great changes in shape: plain and generous flat ceiling, arc ceiling that makes vision open, unique three-dimensional cascade modeling ceiling, etc. In small spaces such as bathroom, kitchen and balcony, you can choose softer and elegant colors; It is best to choose strip shape, which has the effect of stretching the line of sight

unique performance and high price

the high-quality metal ceiling has made a great leap in performance. It can not only prevent moisture, fire, sound absorption and sound insulation, but also has a unique anti-static and dust-proof effect. Metal ceiling used to be more used in public places and office places. In recent years, this high-performance metal ceiling material began to develop into the domestic ceiling market. However, compared with the general aluminum gusset plate, the investment cost of the alloy ceiling is slightly higher, about 200 yuan/square meter (including the installation cost of about 300 yuan to 900 yuan/square meter). According to the manufacturer, the external buckle keel of the metal ceiling is easy to install and disassemble, and the size of the substrate can also be customized, but the waiting time is longer. However, due to the high price, it is not very popular. At present, only some families with higher income buy it

gusset plate, change it in the bathroom “ Cap ” Game

gusset plates of various materials are always the necessary substrate for the bathroom ceiling. Some people vividly compare them to the hat of the bathroom. Today, this hat is also changing the weather vane like the changing fashion, and it is changing in the small bathroom world “ Cap ” Games

aluminum gusset plate and PVC plate have their own merits

PVC plate, which has been popular before, is a kind of material formed by extrusion. The traces of industrialized mechanical production are obvious, lack of personality, change less, have a sense of incongruity with the indoor environment, and the grade is low

the aluminum gusset plate is formed by stamping light aluminum plate at one time, and the outer layer is sprayed with paint by special process. It will not fade after long-term use, and the construction is relatively simple and not easy to deform. After installation, there will be no bending or falling in the middle, which can ensure stability and reduce the unnecessary cost of replacement. Rich in color, it can provide a variety of choices for the owner

see the panel width, hem height and color

Aluminum gusset plate has many specifications, including panel width, thickness, hem height, etc. When choosing, you should choose according to the characteristics of your own bathroom. 600mm× on the market; 600mm microporous square plate, f297h30 strip plate and m185h20 aluminum gusset plate are the most widely used. In addition, aluminum gusset plate can be divided into two types: surface punching and plane. The surface punching can ventilate and absorb sound, and a layer of film cushion is laid inside the gusset plate. Moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching, so it is most suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with more moisture

experts suggest that generally, kitchens and bathrooms with small areas choose strip-shaped plates, which can increase the feeling of open rooms. Large rooms can choose a variety of square plates. No matter which shape, it can achieve a strong decorative effect through the choice and change of color. The floor height of the kitchen and bathroom is also very important. If the room is relatively low, it can't be lifted to the top, otherwise it will have a depressing feeling

the ceiling in the bathroom is generally covered by laminates to form a flat ceiling. In order to increase the change and beauty, the following treatment methods can also be used: first, wrap the pipe position with wood to form a false beam; Then add a number of boards in the middle of the false beam to make multiple parallel beams; Aluminum gusset plates are added between the trabeculae to make the light shine from above. This kind of ceiling design is not to block the pipeline, but to highlight the sense of spatial hierarchy of beams and plates

there are many brands in the market, and the price difference is large.

there are many metal ceiling brands in the building materials market, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Experts tell us that the quality of metal ceiling is determined by the material, paint baking process and structure. Generally, aluminum gusset plate is made of high-quality aluminum ingots with appropriate magnesium and manganese




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