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Have you ever thought how much you want to have a cool and comfortable home after a hard day. In fact, if you want to "bring" summer home and have a cool summer at home, then your home decoration needs to do so...

unconsciously, the scorching summer has arrived. In this summer, in addition to the "warm" sun, there are some familiar sounds, that is, the cicadas' chirping in the shade of the trees...

have you ever thought that after a hard day, How I wish I had a cool and comfortable home. In fact, if you want to "take" summer home and have a cool "summer" at home, then your home decoration needs to do this...

pay attention to the decoration style

a bright, spacious and comfortable home can eliminate the fatigue of a day's work and forget the noise of the city. Therefore, the design style should be simple and tidy. The simple style emphasizes the "fashionable and practical" home design concept. Simplicity does not mean simplicity. It is an extension of the design and ideas obtained after careful consideration and innovation

the collocation of soft clothing and decorations should be suitable for

the choice of soft furniture is mainly the combination of style and color. Because of the heavy summer heat, the collocation should choose soft clothing that is more elegant and tender. In addition, decorations can choose some modeling chandeliers with summer atmosphere and some creative decorations or pillows

plant elements are indispensable

green plants can make people comfortable and relaxed, and summer is the season of vigorous plant growth. Some small green plants can be placed at home, which can not only purify the air, but also add vitality to the home environment

the choice of doors and windows is the key

in hot summer, at home, we should not only prevent insects, theft, ultraviolet radiation, but also pay attention to good thermal insulation performance. Choosing good door and window products is the key! Choosing a good door and window can not only block the merciless sun for you, but also bring you a safe and comfortable life

choice of door

ventilation is very important at home in summer, so the door should choose stainless steel anti-theft door with ventilation function. In this case, it is usually made into a door in the door, and then matched with a gauze net, which can not only ventilate, but also prevent mosquitoes and insects

selection of window

bridge cutoff heat insulation aluminum alloy window

the principle of bridge cutoff heat insulation doors and windows is to insert heat insulation strips in the middle of aluminum profiles, disconnect the aluminum profiles to form a bridge cutoff, combined with hollow glass, effectively prevent heat conduction, and have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, etc

aluminum wood composite window

aluminum alloy bridge breaking plus the insulation and heat insulation of the wood itself, when the heat is unbearable, it can not only block the outdoor dry heat, but also reduce the loss of indoor air conditioning

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