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From August 13 to 15, 2015, Kyle Li made a wonderful appearance in the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper fabric carpet and home soft decoration exhibition. The home hotline and the reporter of wallpaper world interviewed chairman Liao Xiaoya at the exhibition site

home hotline reported that on August 13-15, 2015, Kyle Li made a wonderful appearance at the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper, cloth, carpet and home soft decoration exhibition, attracting the attention of many dealers and industry elites. Home hotline and wallpaper world reporters interviewed chairman Liao Xiaoya at the exhibition site

on site interview guests: liaoxiaoya, chairman of Zhejiang Kelli wallcovering Co., Ltd.

main products of Shanghai wallpaper Exhibition: plum blossom, double Yanfei, mandarin duck playing in the water and other Chinese customized products

Figure 1: Kelli appeared in full dress at the Shanghai exhibition, and the exhibition hall showed its atmosphere

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Liao, what products did Kelli bring to this exhibition

president Liao: Hello. Our exhibition mainly brought three customized products with highlights, such as the plum blossom behind me, the double Yanfei over there, and the mandarin duck swimming pasted by the exhibition staff for us

home hotline: at present, the phenomenon of plagiarism in the industry is relatively serious. How does Kelli do this

president Liao: plagiarism is indeed very serious in the whole wall fabric embroidery industry. However, since Kelli developed the embroidered wall cloth, she has her own ideas and wants to develop products with her own characteristics. For example, most of the products we developed at the beginning were Chinese products, while others were pastoral and European products. We will not refer to others' practices, but have our own ideas and ideas, and adhere to the original design

Figure 2: liaoxiaoya, chairman of Keli, accepted an exclusive interview with Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter

home hotline: the wallpaper industry market has been difficult to do in the past two years. How about the sales of Keli in the past one or two years

president Liao: our products have just entered the market. We developed new products after the Spring Festival last year, and the sales last year were not very good. This year, it has improved. The amount of customized products has increased from a few meters to tens of meters now, which is slowly on the right track

Figure 3: Kaili exhibits are elegant and unique, which has attracted the appreciation of countless dealers

Home hotline: many enterprises are fighting a price war after entering the wallpaper industry. What do you think of this? How did Kylie do it

president Liao: we are not prepared to fight a price war from the beginning. I think as long as the products are well prepared and accepted by customers, the price is not a problem. However, we will not stick to this concept, but will adjust the product types according to the market demand. This year, we have also developed products with a lower price. This is not to compare the price with other enterprises, but to slightly adjust the number of stitches and pattern on the basis of ensuring the product quality





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