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"This is the best era and the worst era." Dickens' words in a tale of two cities apply not only to the second industrial revolution, but also to the present, and to every era of major changes

the advent of the era of intelligence is no longer limited to science fiction. It has quietly come to us, threatening subtle changes and sublimations in every industry. In July 2016, the Guangzhou Construction Expo was held, and the concept of "smart doors and windows" suddenly rose in China's door and window industry, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of the entire door and window industry

2016 is also known as the first year of smart doors and windows. On the one hand, burglaries and murders occur from time to time around the country, stimulating the heartbeat of Chinese people. The use of safer and more convenient household products has become a constant voice of people. The emergence of smart doors and windows is like a handful of clear springs in the desert, penetrating people's heartstrings. On the other hand, due to the popularity of smart home in recent years, smart decoration has gradually become a standard in home decoration. Especially in first tier cities, fully intelligent decoration has gradually become popular. As doors and windows are an important barrier to family safety, smart doors and windows have also become an essential part in the home decoration market. Doors and windows are playing an increasingly important role in the development of smart home

the rise of the concept of smart doors and windows is the result driven by the general trend of smart home, and it is also the only way for traditional doors and windows to seek change. Although the current development momentum of smart doors and windows is restricted by the existing conditions, it is bound to grow into a new economic growth point in the door and window industry and lead the future consumption trend

when doors and windows encounter intelligence, when technology collides with doors and windows, what sparks will the door and window Market spark in the future

aylson - "Aichen" is a brand of elairsar (Australia) Pty Ltd that focuses on safety door and window systems. Elairsar (Australia) Pty Ltd, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is one of the suppliers and manufacturers of safety door and window systems. We specialize in the research and development, design and production of high-tech products such as safety door and window systems, high-end noble sunshine houses, building curtain walls, high-end safety entry doors, etc., so as to improve people's quality of life

in May, 2018, Aichen, a brand of Foshan Aichen Home Technology Co., Ltd., was selected by China's preferred brand and became the preferred brand in the "smart door and window" industry, so as to encourage Aichen to continue to increase investment in the research and development of smart doors and windows, reduce the hardware production cost of smart doors and windows, improve the production process, and let safer and more convenient smart doors and windows enter ordinary homes

in the future, is it traditional door and window practitioners who take the initiative to embrace change? Or are smart home practitioners looting across borders and cannibalizing the market

eichen will fully enter the overall smart home industry chain, use the Armani home security system to realize the interconnection of smart industries, and contribute to the home security of every Chinese




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