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Small apartment decoration will also have porch design. You can't give up because the space is too small. As long as you are a little creative, the small apartment porch can still be perfect. Take a look at the design drawings of these small apartments recommended by Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian, so that you can "fall in love at first sight" with my family

a classic shoe cabinet with Chinese characteristics and a hollowed out screen become the protagonist of this small family porch design, and also realize the partition between the entrance porch and the living room. The patterns and colors on the shoe cabinet create a quaint Chinese style, and also use the drawing of details to interpret the delicacy of life. A Buddha's head on the shoe cabinet allows you to see the Buddha as soon as you enter the door, bringing good luck to life. The hollowed out background design is not inferior, which not only acts as a partition, but also does not affect the space communication. Through the porch background wall, you can vaguely see the situation in the living room, which is very elegant

small apartment porch is to make the best use of space. The pure white small apartment porch is neat and stylish. The white drawer cabinet made of rattan material below, the hanger on the top, and a white ladder show the protagonist of this porch design, which has also become the highlight of furniture integration. The lower part of the hanger can also be designed as a hook, which increases the storage space. The green poster above the hanger and the circular braid below are full of decorative points, making the small space beautiful

for families with children, we can fully consider the needs of babies to design the porch. Based on this point, the design drawing of this small apartment porch also designs a practical space for children while placing the shelf. The hook design under the hanger can hang children's schoolbags and clothes here, and the lower design makes it convenient for children to operate by themselves. Moreover, the design of a whole row, even the design of small apartment porch, also ensures sufficient storage needs, so that children can develop the good habit of storage and sorting from an early age





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