What are the materials of European sofa

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Sofa is a necessary furniture in the family. Sofa has different styles and styles, and the effects they show are also different. European sofa is one of them. Its decorative effect is very good. Let's enjoy the pictures of European sofa together

picture of European sofa

the shape of this European sofa is relatively simple, without much decoration. It is mainly light color, and the edge of the sofa is mainly carved laurel patterns. The appearance of the whole sofa is very elegant. This European style sofa in the picture is made of high-end cattle leather. The material is soft and delicate, wear-resistant and easy to clean. It looks more beautiful in the decoration of this luxurious living room

this is a European style idyllic sofa. The sofa is made of Blue Floral Fabric, and the color looks very comfortable. The cushion on the sofa is soft and comfortable, which brings a good rest space for the owner. The sofa is made of Italian velvet fabric, which has soft luster and excellent wrinkle resistance. The frame of the sofa is made of high-quality solid wood, which is natural and environmentally friendly and has a long service life

compared with the previous two sofas, the shape of this European sofa is relatively simple. It also uses high-quality first layer cow leather, which is skin friendly, breathable, elastic and wear-resistant. The sofa frame is made of high-quality original ecological wood, with solid texture and solid structure. Moreover, it adopts carving and gold and silver painting technology in style design, with generous shape and smooth outline

what are the materials of European sofa

1. Fabric European sofa

fabric European sofa mainly uses various fabric materials and is processed into European sofa with certain decorative effect. European style fabric is characterized by comfort and rich colors, but its surface is easy to get dirty, difficult to take care of, and even deformed

2. Rattan European sofa

rattan European sofa is a special sofa with beautiful appearance and good decorative effect. However, rattan European sofa cannot be exposed to the sun and rain, otherwise it is prone to aging and fracture

3. Leather art European sofa

leather art European sofa is also very common. It is mainly made of animal skin, which is breathable and soft, and the most important is soft. However, leather art European style sofa should be maintained, otherwise it will harden, so it must be maintained regularly

4. Wooden European sofa

there are many styles of wooden European sofa, and each decoration effect is different. It is best to choose solid wood for wooden European sofa. The solid wood material is environmentally friendly, not easy to deform, and the quality is also very reliable

Xiaobian quotations: the above is about the pictures of European sofas and the relevant contents of European sofas' materials. I wonder if it is helpful for you! From these pictures of European sofa, European sofa is really good, but it is best to decorate it in the European living room, so the effect will be more beautiful




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