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On October 17, BASF announced that it would build a set of TERT butylamine (TBA) production plant in Nanjing, which would mainly serve China's rubber chemicals and tire industry and meet the needs of the world's largest tire producer and the automotive market. The unit is located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park and will benefit from the integrated production system of Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. It is planned to be put into operation in 2013 with an annual capacity of 10000 tons

the device is part of BASF's Asia Pacific strategy as it ensures zero leakage of the piston rod. One of the goals of this strategy is to achieve 70% of regional sales from local production. In order to achieve the strategic objectives, we plan to invest 2.3 billion euros in the Asia Pacific region from 2011 to 2015

houyuzhe, President of BASF Asia Pacific region and responsible for regional market and business development, introduced that at the same time, the newly invested chemical production plant will follow BASF's very strict global safety standards and minimize emissions. This once again reflects BASF's commitment to achieving sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region

"this investment reflects BASF's determination to meet the growing demand in the Chinese and Asian markets. By shortening the lead time and improving the reliability of supply, we will better serve our customers. This investment has enhanced our production network in Europe, North America and Asia with a large market share in China, and will further consolidate BASF's global leading position in the TERT butylamine market." Gaojiade, head of Asia Pacific region and senior vice president of BASF intermediate business department, said

it is known that TERT butylamine is a kind of primary fatty amine, which is used as the basic material of accelerator in rubber and tire industry, and also used in pharmaceutical industry and agriculture. BASF currently has TERT butylamine production facilities in gasmar in the United States and Antwerp in Belgium

BASF thus plays the role of cooling equipment. Its relationship with the Greater China market can be traced back to 1885. It is one of the largest foreign investors in China's chemical industry. In 2010, the company had about 6980 employees in Greater China, with sales of about 5.8 billion euros

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