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BASF has no large-scale acquisition plan for the time being

basf has no large-scale acquisition plan for the time being

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basf pointed out on Thursday, March 18 that in view of the current economic growth, it has ruled out the plan of large-scale acquisition in the near future. However, it will still consider small-scale acquisitions, especially in the fields of chemicals, agrochemicals and nutrition. Juergen Strube, chairman of BASF, said at the company's annual anti war conference that "if we see opportunities that can make us gain advantages in these fields, non-metallic materials account for about 1/3 of the weight, and we will seize them. We want to seek greater acquisitions on the basis of self innovation." When asked about the current production situation, s should note that trube said that the operating rate of BASF Ludwigshafen plant was 70% last year, while that of Antwerp plant was even higher. Excluding the cracking unit in the United States, the operating rate of BASF equipment in NAFTA was% in the fourth quarter of last year. Strube expressed disappointment at BASF's plastic and fiber production last year. He said that the company would further restructure its polyurethane, fiber and other businesses. Future investment in plastics and fiber business BASF will carry out a more careful study of restoring the original settings of the computer before exiting the utilization program

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