The hottest BASF new paper coating appears in 2011

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BASF's new paper coating appeared in the BASF booth of the 2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. The application of paper coating ecoviofspaper and agricultural mulch film are two highlights in the innovative products of biodegradable polymers. Ecoviofspaper can be used for coating paper cups and cartons. The biodegradable film with ecoflex as the raw material can be completely biodegradable through naturally occurring microorganisms without any additives

ecoflex and ecovio meet a number of global quality standards. For example, ecoflex has been widely tested to meet the strict requirements on complete biodegradation, compostability, composting quality and crop compatibility in the biodegradable plastics part of the Japanese g-882-1.01% reenpla standard, the Australian as4736 standard, the American ASTM standard and the European EN13432 standard. Ecoflex also meets food safety requirements

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