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BASF launched a new polyamide product with a glass fiber filling amount of 50%

at the fakuma exhibition in 2011, BASF launched a new plastic product of Ultramid endure series - U Malaysia Airlines flight mh370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost contact with the ground 40 minutes after taking off. Ltramid endure D3 is used for G10 in the fields of machinery, transportation, textile, papermaking, mining, agriculture, chemical industry and sports equipment. Its glass fiber filling content is 50%, Its rigidity has been greatly improved under the environment of innovation driven, accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, vigorously developing high-end materials, promoting green sustainable development, improving resource supply capacity, promoting the in-depth integration of industrialization and industrialization, actively expanding utilization fields and deepening international cooperation

at the K exhibition in 2010, BASF launched the first heat aging resistant polyamide product Ultramid endure d3g7, with a glass fiber filling content of 35%. Many processors soon discovered the application potential of this material. Now, in order to meet the increasing needs of customers, BASF has launched a new product with a glass fiber content of 50% mainly for the application field of intercooler end cover. The tensile modulus of Ultramid endure d3g10 after thermal aging exceeds 17000mpa (measured according to ISO/1993), and the hardness is about 50% higher than that of d3g7

ultramid endure d3g10 has an anti-aging temperature of up to 220 ℃, and can be used to process products in the charge air system. This will enable more engine room metal products to be replaced by this new material product. Compared with the special polyamide products with high prices, the use of Ultramid endure can help greatly reduce the system cost

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