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BASF invested in adding a new Department of composite epoxy resin recently, BASF Group of Germany invested a total of 50million US dollars to establish an integrated R & D and service project in Shanghai. A new Department of intermediate business has been added to the technical capacity center located in Shanghai Pudong base. The new Department will focus on the research of epoxy resin system for fiber composite materials, including the manufacture of wind turbine blades. BASF sells these epoxy systems under the baxxodur brand

baxxodur epoxy resin system focuses on customer needs. In the new epoxy resin laboratory, BASF can simulate the customer's after-sales service like Rockwell hardness test and Brinell hardness test 1: production process to test baxxodur epoxy resin system. BASF's application engineers develop customized solutions for customers and provide technical support focusing on new materials, new technologies, new equipment and new products. BASF's baxxodur epoxy resin system can make blade manufacturers closer to the market demand of steel structure, shorten the cycle time of blade production, and improve productivity. In view of its special performance, BASF's epoxy resin system can reliably produce high-quality key components, such as the main beam cap of the blade and the root of the blade. The performance of BASF epoxy resin system is better than that of traditional epoxy resin system, especially in the production of large blades. The system has been approved by germanischerlloydag (GL)

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