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BASF parrot automotive touch up paint becomes the exclusive global supplier of Bentley. 6.1.2 calculation of ear making rate: it becomes the exclusive global supplier of Bentley. At the beginning of the new year, good news came from Germany, the hometown of BASF parrot paint: BASF's parrot has been officially recognized by Bentley again, especially in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region, It has been an important part of the product structure adjustment of the chemical industry sector to become the world's exclusive automotive touch up paint to replace the import work. This is the reaffirmation of the high-end quality and professional service of parrot automotive touch up paint by global high-end automobile brands

group photo of BASF's British colleague rob ghey (leftmost) and Bentley's management

according to the agreement between the two sides, BASF's parrot car touch up paint will provide Bentley's car repair site with high-quality paint and professional technical services in the next five years. At the same time, Bentley global will also take whether the site uses parrot car touch up paint as the key indicator paint for its store's annual audit. The two sides hope that through such strong cooperation, they can jointly improve the body and paint quality of Bentley automobile maintenance stations and provide reliable and guaranteed maintenance services for Bentley terminal owners

Bentley key account manager said: in China, there are 34 Bentley special repair shops. BASF will, as always, provide high-quality products and timely and reliable professional services to help the site complete the vehicle paint repair work more efficiently. Analyze the iron content in the lubricating oil when the friction surface is constantly supplied with lubricating oil. It is believed that through the joint efforts of both sides, we can bring faster and more satisfactory paint repair services to Bentley owners

source: BASF

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