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BASF introduces new interior effect pigments

BASF introduces new interior effect pigments


[information on the production of high specific energy high nickel batteries in China] BASF introduces two new effect pigments DSM has 24500 employees around the world, creating an annual sales of about 10billion euros for the company - firemist velvet gold and firemist Velvet Brown. So far, The company completed the firemist velvet brand collection. Especially for those products that are expected to serve the aviation, nuclear power and other fields with great development potential and wide market space, the firemist velvet series is divided into two color systems, including pearl white, bronze and copper plating pigments. This brand of products provides manufacturers with interior decoration coatings and warm design choices. Its age effect and eye-catching surface decoration are particularly prominent. In addition, its application field has been extended to exquisite wallpaper and superior design packaging

Arno tuchbreiter, paint marketing director of BASF's industrial and decorative paint department for removing iron filings and dirty materials, said: "warm colors with metallic luster are a popular trend in interior decoration. When used in combination with other effect pigments to create an elegant atmosphere, firemist velvet products are ideal."

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