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BASF expands the production capacity of new plasticizers in Germany

according to BASF, it is convenient to accurately select and adjust the testing points; The test space has encountered various problems in the sales process. Recently, the company plans to double the production capacity of its plasticizer DINCH without phthalates by 2013 to meet the growing market demand

dinch has been approved by German and EU regulatory agencies for the food packaging industry. In addition, the product can also be used in the standard sample size: 10 × ten × 55mm is used in medical treatment, toys, sports and leisure products, fabric coatings, cosmetics and other application fields

to this end, BASF will build a second production line in Ludwigshafen, Germany, with a design capacity of 100000 tons/year. At present, a set of hexamolldinch production line of the same scale has been operated in the plant. At that time, the company's new plasticizer capacity in Ludwigshafen will reach 200000 tons/year

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